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Creepy Illustrations of D'Vorah from MKX in her different variations.

28 days 22 hours ago - D'Vorah is one of the new characters in Mortal Kombat X and was illustrated by the artist and Game-Art-HQ member Romeo J. Gonzales in her different... | Image | PC


Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash fan album released for free

36 days 2 hours ago - Some of you might remember the big Harmony of Heroes Fan Album which featured over 100 music tracks related to the Super Smash bros. games which wa... | News | GameCube


A Super Artwork for Super Mario Bros.

39 days 22 hours ago - The over thirty year old Super Mario Bros. game series got a phenomenal art tribute in the form of a fresco art by Mikaël “Orioto” Aguirre which il... | Image | GameCube


20 Years of Tekken Tribute To The Kings Of The Iron Fist

55 days 11 hours ago - Tekken turned 20 today and the Game-Art-HQ Community celebrates this Anniversary with illustrations of the characters and artworks which show Yoshi... | Article | PS2


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Twenty Years of the Playstation and Twenty Games which need to return

56 days 10 hours ago - The Playstation got hundreds of great games, but many of them never got sequels and not a few promising and successful game series were never conti... | Opinion piece | Culture


Game-Art-HQ publishes Sony Playstation 20th Anniversary Art Tribute

61 days 22 hours ago - 50 artists from the Game-Art-HQ Community are remembering and tributing the Sony Playstation and over 40 of its games, ranging from Crash Bandicoot... | Image | Culture


Mario's Blacklist - 50 Enemies of Super Mario

128 days 14 hours ago - drawn by artists who love the Super Mario Games for the latest Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration. From Donkey Kong back in 1981 to Meowser, the "Cat... | Image | GameCube


KOF 20th Anniversary Art Collaboration

159 days 21 hours ago - The King of Fighters series celebrates its 20th Birthday today on the 25th August 2014, reason enough for the Game-Art-HQ Community to organize an... | Image | Arcade


Link's Blacklist Round IV

215 days 14 hours ago - The big art collaboration project by the Game-Art-HQ community about the enemies and boss characters in the Legend of Zelda games was updated today... | News | Wii


Mortal Kombat X Wallpapers

222 days 23 hours ago - Netherrealm Studios shared Wallpaper Sized Illustrations of the new Mortal Kombat X Characters D'Vorah, Cassie Cage, Ferra & Torr and Kotal Kahn,yo... | Image | PC


Jinx and Vi from League of Legends drawn by six great fans

256 days 3 hours ago - Jinx and Vi, two of the over hundred League of Legends characters were drawn by fans which created Cyberpunk Skin Designs for both, created Portray... | Image | PC


Friday Fan Art and Cosplay Feature #3 May 2014

259 days 17 hours ago - Game-Art-HQ featured six artists and their video game related artworks of Kratos from God of War, Jinx from league of Legends, Super Mario, Poison... | Article | Culture


Friday Fan Art Feature #2 May 2014

266 days 21 hours ago - Game-Art-HQ featured six artists and their video game related artworks of MegaMan, Sona (from League of Legends), Godot, Gabriel Belmont, Sonic the... | Image | Culture


Friday Fan Art Feature #1 May 2014

273 days 21 hours ago - Game-Art-HQ featured six artists and their video game related artworks of Princess Peach,Selphie Tilmit from Final Fantasy, Trevor Philips, Momohim... | Image | Culture


Friday Fan Art Feature #4 April 2014

281 days 7 hours ago - Game-Art-HQ featured six artists and their video game related artworks of Elizabeth, Tron Bonne, Big Boss, Garrus Vakarian, Stoned Super Mario and... | Image | Xbox 360


Friday Fan Art Feature #3 April 2014

287 days 13 hours ago - Game-Art-HQ featured six artists and their video game related artworks of Donkey Kong, Jill Valentine, Sonic, Alucard, Ivy Valentine, and Captain B... | Image | Culture


Fan Art & Cosplay Feature

294 days 18 hours ago - Game-Art-HQ featured five very different fan arts and cosplays of characters like Elizabeth from Burial At Sea, Samus Aran, the Diablo 3 Monk Class... | Image | Culture


Super Metroid 20th Anniversary - Art Tribute by Game-Art-HQ

318 days 4 hours ago - 20 years ago, on the 19th March 1994 , Super Metroid was released for the Super Nintendo in Japan. The Game-Art-HQ Community, known for their Ar... | Image | Wii


Legend of Zelda Series Art Tribute "Link's Friendlist"

342 days 11 hours ago - The Game-Art-HQ Community created a new Legend of Zelda Art Tribute by over 50 artists who illustrated 30 Zelda Protagonists, ranging from the old... | Image | GameCube


"We Are Doomed" Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Doom Series

417 days 21 hours ago - The first Doom game was released exactly 20 years ago, on the 10th December 1993. The Game-Art-HQ Community celebrates the complete Doom series... | Image | PC


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