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Top 10 Tuesday: Gaming Clichés

1 day 17 hours ago - G3AR: "People are creatures of habit and if you observe the things we create or do, patterns are bound to emerge. The same applies to video games.... | Opinion piece | Culture


State of the Game: The General Toxicity of the Moba Community

6 days 8 hours ago - G3AR: "The G3AR team is like 67% MOBA player, and so I thought it appropriate I ask the team to weigh in on the particular toxicity of the MOBA com... | Opinion piece | Culture


Review: Whispering Willows (PC) | G3AR

7 days 5 hours ago - G3AR: "Whispering Willows is an indie puzzle, adventure game with horror elements mixed in for good measure. The player, that’s you, takes control... | Review | PC

Review: The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy (PS Vita) | G3AR

7 days 21 hours ago - G3AR: "The Ratchet and Clank (RnC) series has become one of Insomniac Games and Sony’s most successful franchises over the years. There’s even a Rn... | Review | PS Vita


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4) | G3AR

12 days 23 hours ago - G3AR: "For all intents and purposes, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is essentially the "next-generation" version of the original Gua... | Review | Xbox 360


State of the Game: Are we too sexist, or not sexist enough?

13 days 3 hours ago - G3AR: "Every article about sexism in games is a bitching session. We’re either upset because we can’t play the game as a female, upset that there i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Review: Abyss Odyssey (PC) | G3AR

14 days 20 hours ago - G3AR: "Abyss Odyssey is a game that really can only exist in the indie space. It’s the amalgamation of several genres, ideas and even art-styles in... | Review | PC


Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons to Date a Gamer

15 days 1 hour ago - G3AR: "We all know the stereotype for gamers – they’re greasy, they tend to be overweight and are nothing but slobs that sit (practically idle) by... | Opinion piece | Culture


State of the Game: JRPG’s versus the rest of the world

19 days 18 hours ago - G3AR: "With games like The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, among many others, on the way, RPG’s look to be in fighting form and represent on... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 10 Tuesday: The hardest trophies/achievements…so far

22 days 6 hours ago - G3AR: "Love them or hate them, achievements have made a definite impact on gaming this generation and for the first time ever there was a discernib... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Review: Sniper Elite 3: Afrika (PS4) | G3AR

22 days 22 hours ago - G3AR: "I used to think that any game with a sniper rifle is a good game. Unfortunately, I’ve been proven wrong many times before, but still, nothin... | Review | PC


State of the Game: Do we “Metagame” too much?

25 days 7 hours ago - G3AR: "Contrary to popular belief, gamers are actually quite a social bunch, especially when it comes to discussing their favourite hobby and as a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Preview: Night Shift (PC) | G3AR

27 days 10 hours ago - G3AR: "Having been given the opportunity to preview an early access Steam title named Night Shift, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. More terror?... | Preview | PC


Review: Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox 360) | G3AR

27 days 22 hours ago - G3AR: "The moment we saw that dog in the first official Valiant Hearts: The Great War trailer, we knew we were in for an emotional roller-coaster.... | Review | PC


Top 10 Tuesday: Our most Terrifying Games of all time

28 days 23 hours ago - G3AR says: "With a few highly anticipated horror games, particularly Alien: Isolation, on the way, I thought it appropriate to do a list that honou... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why $20 for The World ends with You on mobile is worth it

30 days 11 hours ago - G3AR writes: "It’s no secret that Square Enix have a history of charging exorbitant prices for their mobile games. At a cursory glance, Final Fanta... | Opinion piece | Mobile


Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon (PC) | G3AR

37 days 9 hours ago - G3AR: "Imagine, if you will, a rogue-lite (otherwise known as a roguelike-like) shooter where death and a great soundtrack are a given and everythi... | Review | PC


Review: Tomodachi Life (3DS) | G3AR

51 days 1 hour ago - G3AR says: "Tomodachi Life makes use of the vast amount of Mii characters you’ve amassed on your 3DS system in order to populate a simulation of ev... | Review | 3DS


PowerPlay: WildStar GUI Customization Guide

58 days 19 hours ago - G3AR: "Many MMO regulars have a certain GUI that they are most comfortable with. This guide will help you install just the right add-ons to customi... | Article | PC


Review: BattleBlock Theater (PC) | G3AR

59 days ago - G3AR says: "The first thing you will notice when starting up is just how outright charming this game is. Don’t get me wrong, Alien Hominid revelled... | Review | PC


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