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Mafia 2: PS3 Version Graphically Inferior for Better Performance

1662 days 17 hours ago - 2K gives the reason why the PS3 version is lacking minor graphical features like grass and the reason is for better performance and stable framerate. | News | PC


Mafia II - Final PS3 Build Has No Grass, Less Blood and Inferior Cloth Movement

1663 days 5 hours ago - 2K Elizabeth on the Official Mafia II forums has this to say about the Final Build of the PS3 version of Mafia II: "Hey guys, When designing... | News | PC


Bioshock 2 DRM: SecuROM, activation limits, and bears

1869 days 12 hours ago - Bioshock 2 will come both as a boxed retail product and a for-pay digital download if that's more to your taste. Looking at the game's page on Stea... | News | 12


Spec Ops: The Line VGA footage is in-game ... 2K Confirms.

1896 days 9 hours ago - Upon asking more info about VGA trailer build, 2K Producer confirms that footage taken was in-game visuals and they already look better then CG esp... | News | 1,2,12


New looped animations from White Night, a completely black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post

2K Games drops activation, install limits for BioShock PC

2450 days 20 hours ago - Finally, 2K games taking hints over the recent Mass Effect PC securom scandal, has finally removed the activation and install limits for Bioshock P... | News | 12


2K mod: There will be no PS3 version of BioShock

2670 days 16 hours ago - Responding to the new round of rumors last week that BioShock is coming to PS3 in 2008, a 2K Games forum moderator has this to say: | News | 1,2,12


BioShock (Xbox 360) Widescreen Patch in Next Update

2673 days 21 hours ago - 2K forums administrator Elizabeth said that the widescreen patch for the Xbox 360 version of BioShock will be coming in the game's next update, whi... | News | 2


Rumor: New BioShock plasmids already exist

2739 days 8 hours ago - Those sneaky file searchers over at the 2K Games forums have uncovered a few text strings embedded in the PC version of BioShock's game code which... | Rumor | 2, 12


Levine Replies to Bioshock Widescreen Cropping

2753 days 17 hours ago - Bioshock Creative Director, Ken Levine has made an official reply over at the 2K forums regarding the cropping of the top and bottom of the screen... | News | 2,12


BioShock PC Demo coming Monday 7 PM EST

2756 days 4 hours ago - The wait is nearly over. At 7 PM EST the BioShock PC demo will go live for you to enjoy. 2K Games will have exclusive pre-loading at Fileplanet. Se... | News | 12


BioShock is for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows only - Confirmed...Again

2835 days 17 hours ago - Question was asked on the official 2K forums, and a 2K Admin replied the following. "BioShock is for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows only,... | News | 2,12

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