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Feed The Gamer Review: Wargame: European Escalation (PC)

1118 days 18 hours ago - Wargame claims to be the next big thing in Real Time Strategy. In order for this to be true they would need to offer something different from an... | Review | PC


Gears of Glory: Apex Ace Gets Trailer, Is Awesome

1132 days ago - Game designer Colin Riley has given us at Feed The Gamer an exclusive preview of the imminently available Gears of Glory: Apex Ace trailer which is... | Trailer | PC


Another World 20th Anniversary Now Available on Android

1135 days 19 hours ago - The 1991 classic, or cult classic if you will, Another World is now available on Android devices. Developed and published by DotEmu for mobile d... | News | Android


Gears of Glory: Apex Ace - Indie Racer Soon Unleashed

1164 days 20 hours ago - Gears of Glory: Apex Ace is a top down indie racing game being developed by Domipheus Labs, which is the on-the-side indie studio presence of Coli... | News | PC


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS) Review

Now - Justin takes the latest 3DS remaster for a spin. | Promoted post

Feed The Gamer Review: Pineapple Smash Crew (PC)

1166 days 21 hours ago - The inhabitants of Earth have discovered Wasabi on a nearby planet. Wasabi is so hot, that it is better than any fuel known to man. The Corporation... | Review | PC

Meanwhile at Eikon Games

1173 days 4 hours ago - It seems the lads at fledgling game design studio ‘Eikon Games’ have been hard at work on the Alpha of their new FPS shooter Epoch: Incursion. Lit... | News | PC


Splash Damage Had a Baby And Called it Fireteam

1173 days 4 hours ago - Fireteam has been formed by the former Technical Director of Splash Damage Arnout Van Meer with new FireTeam CEO Stephen Gaffney formerly of Bizarr... | News | Tech


Feed The Gamer Review: Dead Block (PC)

1177 days 6 hours ago - You know the drill. Get out your axes, guns and guitars, and make sure you have enough drinks with you, because it’s another game that carries the... | Review | PC


SOPA: Feed the Gamer Dissaproves!

1195 days 10 hours ago - SOPA. Those letters have been bouncing around the internet for a few months now, but what does it really mean to you as a net dweller now that the... | Article | Culture


Feed The Gamer Review: X3: Albion Prelude (PC - DLC)

1200 days 6 hours ago - The X universe is a huge, sandbox style, space combat and trading simulation with a strong political background and throbbing ample chances to watc... | Review | PC


Feed The Gamer Review: Star Wars The Old Republic (PC)

1203 days 10 hours ago - As in any MMO, the first thing you do is create your own avatar. To begin this process in SW:TOR, you have the choice of one of two factions: The... | Review | PC


Skyrim: The Best Mods So Far

1242 days 22 hours ago - Bethesda games have always been games that modders flock to. So, if you’re looking for a Skyrim mod, and don’t know where to find one, try the Nexu... | Article | PC


Feed The Gamer Review: Skyrim (PC)

1243 days 10 hours ago - It’s difficult to review a game which grabs your attention so thoroughly that you spend two weeks playing it obsessively every waking hour whilst j... | Review | PC


Feed The Gamer Review: Battlefield 3 (PC)

1268 days 22 hours ago - Battlefield 3 is a game that needs no introduction to the masses of fans out there; its sprawling epic maps and impressive new game engine draw mor... | Review | PC


Armor Your Console, Battlefield 3 Vault

1283 days 4 hours ago - After the release of the Gears of War Vault, Calibur11 brings you their new high-end Vault which will be released this October. | News | Xbox 360


Feed The Gamer Review: RAGE (PC)

1293 days 11 hours ago - This shooter is the long awaited, highly anticipated and much vaunted child of legendary genre creating software giants id Software. id created... | Review | PC


Raptr Report Released, Focusing on Zynga

1306 days 17 hours ago - Online gaming community giant Raptr, has just released its latest Raptr Report on Zynga’s projected $15-20 billion valuation making it one of the d... | News | Industry


Feed The Gamer Review: Dead Island (PC)

1313 days 17 hours ago - Dead Island is an ambitious RPG-style first person slasher game. it boasts sprawling visually impressive maps, immediately entertaining game play... | Review | PC


Feed The Gamer Review: Terraria (PC)

1349 days 12 hours ago - If you’ve got a lot of time to invest and you’re okay with your progress being slow but rewarding, you could stick to the single player no bother,... | Review | PC


Feed The Gamer Review: EDGE (PC)

1351 days 18 hours ago - Despite coming straight out of the mobile iOS scene (and a legal imbroglio with some rather intimidating folk), EDGE looks fresh, fit, and ready fo... | Review | PC


Axiom Verge (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out this throwback to the classic SNES days. | Promoted post
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