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JINX – A Premiere Source of Geek and Gaming Apparel

118 days 1 hour ago - FanBolt writes: "Playing games is something we all enjoy as we get to experience great stories, amazing gameplay, and moments of pure excellence th... | Interview | PC


GeForce GTX 980 Ti – Achieving 4K at a Lesser Cost

119 days 19 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "NVIDIA recently welcomed the GeForce GTX 980 Ti to its line of graphics cards, offering quality performance that can achieve 4K in... | Article | PC


NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X – 4K Gaming

134 days 18 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "My computer is starting to age a bit, but that doesn’t stop me from taking advantage of the power of NVIDIA’s new 12GB GeForce GTX... | Article | PC


Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Review | FanBolt

136 days 16 hours ago - FanBolt: At first I was reluctant when everybody kept telling me to check out Attack on Titan. Then a friend made me sit down and watch the first e... | Review | 3DS


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

Swords & Soldiers II – Strategically Entertaining

140 days 4 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "The strategy gameplay at first seems pretty straight forward, but each mission has a surprise for gamers as they work towards comp... | Article | Wii U


Windward – Exploring the Open Seas

142 days 10 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "In Windward, players take control of a ship as they explore the open seas to discover fallen loot, new towns, and plenty of quests... | Article | PC


Project CARS – Getting a Handle on the Race

148 days 17 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "I recently gave my impressions of Project CARS, a racing sim that’s now available on PC and consoles. Since giving my initial impr... | Opinion piece | PC


Project CARS – It’s Beautiful in the Rain (4K w/Titan X)

152 days 6 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "Project CARS has arrived on track and is meeting all expectations. It’s both gorgeous and great to drive, even when it rains! I... | Opinion piece | PC


Frozen Cortex: Tactical Touchdown | FanBolt

204 days 22 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "Frozen Cortex is the future of sport where robots are the competitors and it’s up to the player’s tactical genius to outsmart the... | Review | PC


Under Night In-Birth Review – Waxing Moon | FanBolt

205 days 3 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "There’s been a pretty significant gap in getting this one out of Japan to its international release, but Under Night In-Birth Exe:... | Review | PS3


ScreamRide – Destructively Entertaining

205 days 4 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "I wasn’t sure what to expect from ScreamRide at first as I assumed it was simply another rollercoaster building game. However, the... | Article | Xbox 360


Ryse: Son of Rome – Brutally Beautiful

210 days 7 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "Ryse: Son of Rome is absolutely gorgeous on PC. It’s almost stunning how beautiful the game is, and this type of eye candy can eas... | Article | PC


Resident Evil HD Remaster Review | FanBolt

224 days 13 hours ago - The real question is “Should I care about Resident Evil HD Remaster if I’ve already played the Gamecube remake?” Yes. Yes you should. You should ca... | Review | PC


RIVE – RIVEting Potential | FanBolt

236 days 11 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "RIVE is an upcoming 2D twin-stick shooter that features platforming elements, hacking capabilities, and plenty of gunfire! I recen... | Preview | PC


Tomb Raider: Changing Outfits

238 days 12 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "Who likes to buy new clothes? I do, I do! Of course, I’m talking about actual clothes. Paying for digital clothing to change the o... | Article | PC


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review – Monster Mash | FanBolt

239 days 12 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "If video games have taught me anything, the concept of “big game hunting” is subjective. Some games give you the promise of deer a... | Review | 3DS


HyperX Cloud II – One of the Best Gaming Headsets Gets Even Better

245 days 4 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "It wasn’t long ago that I fell in love with the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. It is a headset that is incredibly stylish, so much s... | Article | PC


Grey Goo – Goo’d Stuff

246 days 2 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "I always appreciate the strategy of games in this genre and the creation of an army that’s used to remove the enemy threat. As I m... | Article | PC


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – Delving Into the Next Adventure

246 days 22 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "I love the set-up of both Lara Croft titles as the top-down adventure can be quite enjoyable when it comes to solving puzzles and... | Article | PC


Resident Evil HD Remaster – Haunting Memories

249 days 19 hours ago - FanBolt writes: "I, like many of us, have a lot of memories of playing the Resident Evil series. I remember borrowing the original from a friend an... | Article | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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