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And Justice For Whom?

1732 days 15 hours ago - California Assembly Bill 1179 is a sad tale, but not for who many may believe - especially if people believe the ESA, Gameinformer, and any other v... | Opinion piece | Culture


Fairchild VI Review: Medal of Honor

1740 days 21 hours ago - The long short of it is that it's good. How good? Well, good enough to warrant buying we believe. Is it better than Modern Warfare 2? That depends... | Review | PC


Fairchild IV Review: Front Mission [d]Evolved

1757 days 16 hours ago - As strange as it sounds, the concept is unique but only to the franchise. Unfortunately the concept of Front Mission Evolved (FME) is not mutually... | Review | PC


War On Abstract Nouns: How the Debate on Video Game Violence is "Doing it Wrong"

1817 days 2 hours ago - Touching on common questions asked by both sides of an ongoing debate, Shawn Gordon of embarks on a journey to rediscover the crumbl... | Article | Culture


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Potential Legally Affected Citizen Calls EA’s Jeff Green “A Hypocrite… Too"

1839 days 18 hours ago - Jeff Green,’s Editor in Chief issued an open letter / blog detailing his views on the recent events concerning California, ECA (Electronic... | Opinion piece | Culture


Letting Go

1840 days 10 hours ago - In Act V, Scene III of King Lear, Shakespeare writes: “He Dies”; the simplest words with the humblest presentation ends the life of the central pro... | Article | Culture

Love and Hate of the Gaming Culture

1844 days 18 hours ago - In his earlier years he was optimistic and hopeful, even enthusiastic about the coming years of gaming. Watching the growth and evolution of great... | Article | Culture


Fairchild 6 Review: Transformers War For Cybertron

1855 days 16 hours ago - Should players eager to watch another Transformers story forgo Transformers: War For Cybertron? No, it has entertainment value in the telling of a... | Review | PC


Fairchild 6: Impressions of the Big 3 at E3

1867 days 3 hours ago - E3 is an annual event that normally makes the hearts of gamers sing and this year is probably going to be no different. Twitter, facebook, even myf... | Article | Culture


6 JGTC, 1 WRC Kart Mods for Modnation Racers To Collect

1867 days 11 hours ago - Modnation Racers give player the ability to create and share their own custom creations. While it is intended that players make their own original... | Article | PS3



1868 days 18 hours ago - A question that has plagued the gaming community for over a decade (maybe more): Are video games art? The question of whether video games are ar... | Article | Culture

5 Games That Failed Their Potential

1877 days 19 hours ago - Disappointment is a part of life. In fact, most things in reality are fairly disappointing which is why many people turn to video games. They're a... | Article | Culture


Fairchild VI Review: ModNation Racers

1883 days 9 hours ago - Few kart racers stand up to the fun and pace of ModNation Racers (MNR), Mario Kart included. From the fact paced kart racing along an increasingly... | Review | PS3


Fairchild VI Review: 3D Dot Game Heroes

1898 days 7 hours ago - While it isn’t a title that is going to top anyone’s ‘must buy’ list, it is definitely a game that has strong appeal for the gamer who wants someth... | Review | PS3


Banning Kids from "M" Games By Law? Please Do...

1905 days 12 hours ago - If movies are less interactive, why is there a law regulating distribution and sales of tickets to observe the media and nothing in place on an equ... | Article | Culture


Exlusive Interview: Benjamin Suhr of Team SOL on

1905 days 15 hours ago - Star Fox, one of the most loved franchises on any Nintendo console with some of the most loyal fans, may not need to wait much longer for another i... | Interview | PC

Gaming Conflation

1940 days 4 hours ago - Gaming is a culture, right? I mean, many gamers consider it a lifestyle, and that's what makes it appealing to many of us. However, it seems that t... | Article | 11


Interview: James Kochalka & PixelJAM on Upcoming Title "Glorkian Warrior"

1941 days 14 hours ago - American Elf creator James Kochalka and the guys from PixelJAM, Inc. (Rich Grillotti and Miles Tilmann), were kind enough to grant Shawn Gordon fro... | Interview | 11,12,15


Exclusive Interview RE: New Graphics Rendering Tech

1951 days 20 hours ago - Bruce Roberts Dell is the CEO of a new and uprising technology called Unlimited Detail. It is supposedly the "New thing" when it comes to... | Interview | 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 13, 15, 14


Fairchild VI Review : God of War III

1958 days 20 hours ago - There's a lot to be said about God of War, some of it good and some of it bad. The game is nonetheless a hit that now spans 2 generations of the So... | Review | 1


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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