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Pokemon, Zelda & More: When Big Names Try Something Different

3 days 1 hour ago - Entertainment Fuse: This week the Pokemon Company debuted Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon fighting game developed in conjunction with Bandai Namco’s T... | Opinion piece | PC


My Waning Interest in Destiny

4 days 18 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse: So why in the world has Destiny fallen completely off for me after the beta? What changed in that few months away that has sour... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Survival Games – Which Ones to Pay Attention to?

4 days 23 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse: Lifeless is a first-person sandbox survival game, it has zombies in it. You now have a 100% accurate mental image of how it pla... | Opinion piece | PC


Digital Gaming Sucks When You Can’t Play Your Games

5 days 1 hour ago - Entertainment Fuse: I was reminded of one of the reasons why the digital future is not something everyone wants. Why some are even afraid of or ups... | Opinion piece | PC


Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

4v1 Co-op, The New Trend in Multiplayer Gaming

9 days 19 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse: You may have noticed a trend in the kinds of games major developers have been announcing over the past few months: Evolve, Fabl... | Opinion piece | PC


AAA Gaming is Bloated & Afraid of Being Small

9 days 22 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse: Playing Wolfenstein: The New Order recently I was pleased to discover how focused that game felt. There is no multiplayer. No l... | Opinion piece | PC


Digital High Podcast – Samus Too Sexy, Bad Early Access, and More

9 days 22 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse: The Digital High Trio is back! Bringing you news and more than enough discussion to meet your demand. Who’s the #1 game studio... | Podcast | PC


Digital High Podcast – COD Copying Titanfall Gone Too Far?

16 days 5 hours ago - The Digital High guys are back to supply you with your weekly dose of entertainment news and discussion. With Gamescom over there’s a ton of traile... | Podcast | Xbox 360


The Last of Us Remastered Review | EntertainmentFuse

19 days 13 hours ago - The Last of Us Remastered is the same brilliant game that came out a year ago, but in the best form it could possibly be in. | Review | PS4


Digital High Podcast – Are MOBAs Hurting MMOs, Twitch Changes, and More

21 days 10 hours ago - Entertainment Fuse: This may be the most depressing/darkest episode of Digital High yet (not really), but anytime you have a ginger working with yo... | Podcast | PC


Digital High – EA Access Impressions, a MOBA Making Race Changes, and More

31 days 1 hour ago - The Digital High trio is back to keep you informed on the latest entertainment news and discussions. Controversial topics are back this week; a cer... | Podcast | Xbox 360


EA Access: The Next Step for Digital Distribution in Console Gaming?

31 days 18 hours ago - Today EA announced a new subscription service called “EA Access,” exclusively for Xbox One. For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year users will gain unli... | Article | Xbox One


Digital High Podcast – Destiny Beta Disappoints Us, Google Buys Twitch, and More

35 days 14 hours ago - This episode of Digital High is unofficially the “dopest” episode yet, or so Marquice states which Aaron and Vincent agree. Before the beta for Des... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Destiny Beta Hands-On Impressions: Alpha 2.0

37 days 8 hours ago - After somewhat enjoying Destiny’s alpha release I was painfully disappointed with the “beta.” This negativity did not originate from already profou... | Preview | Xbox 360


Digital High Podcast – MOBAs and “Diversity” are Going Overboard?

38 days 12 hours ago - Donna joins Aaron and Vincent while Marquice is out. It’s nice to have a female perspective this week with Marvel changing Thor’s gender and Blizz... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Hands-On Impressions: Infantry at its Finest

38 days 12 hours ago - To say that Battlefield has had a bumpy lifespan is an understatement. However, despite all the inexcusable issues with the game, it is undeniable... | Preview | PC


Over 9000 Zombies! Early Access Thoughts | Entertainment Fuse

45 days 18 hours ago - Over 9000 Zombies! pretty much tells you exactly what it’s going to be right in the name. If we were to extract our thoughts from the title one wou... | Preview | PC


Is The Arena Shooter On Its Way Back?

50 days ago - With CliffyB’s new announcement of Blue Streak just now and other indie companies trying to bring it back, is the arena shooter really coming back... | Article | PC


The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf (X360) Review | Entertainment Fuse

50 days 20 hours ago - Cry Wolf, the finale to Telltale games’ impressive The Wolf Among Us has a lot to live up to. Finales already have a level of expectation anyway bu... | Review | Xbox 360


Digital High – Most Anticipated Games in 2014, Is No Man’s Sky Getting Overhyped, and More

52 days 1 hour ago - The Digital High guys are back to deliver your weekly dose of gaming news and discussion. This week we each select our most anticipated game that’s... | Podcast | Xbox 360


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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