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engadgetHD Review: Blu-Link universal remote for PS3 is your ticket to weight gain

2348 days 12 hours ago - Sick of all the physical effort involved in shuffling multiple remotes? Back in the day (that is, until yesterday) if you wanted to use a universal... | Review | 1


Blu-ray rental availability lagging in Japan

2356 days 11 hours ago - EngadgetHD: "A Reuters blog posting from Japan reports that even with strong Blu-ray DVR sales, discs are still tough to find on rental s... | News | 14

Blu-ray releases on July 28th 2009

2384 days 14 hours ago - Engadget: "Universal really comes to the rescue this week with a very nice slate of releases. As if Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Se... | News | 1,14


EngadgetHD: Windows 7 Media Center review

2384 days 16 hours ago - EngadgetHD: "We've been waiting a long time for this and it's finally here, the latest version of Windows Media Center. Well, we really s... | Review | 2,12,14


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Engadget HD Podcast 146 - 07.15.2009

2396 days 13 hours ago - Engadget: There's a good spread of topics on the podcast this week, while staying light on the HTPC, Blu-ray and broadcast news. What does that lea... | Podcast | 14

So is Blu-ray really ripping off consumers?

2397 days 11 hours ago - Engadgethd: That's the idea behind a recent column on, which cites consumers happiness with DVD and the oncoming march of downloads a... | Article | 1,14


Wal-mart rolls back cheap Blu-ray player price to $98

2402 days 8 hours ago - Like Blu-ray but hate spending lots of money? The guys at FormatWarCentral spotted the Magnavox NB530MGX Blu-ray player cold lampin' on the shelf o... | News | 14


UK Blu-ray sales up 231% over last year

2407 days 14 hours ago - "The British Video Association is back with some more happy stats on how well Blu-ray is doing, claiming 3.1 million discs sold since the star... | News | 13


Hulu to PlayStation 3 browsers: "This video is not available on your platform"

2414 days 17 hours ago - The PlayStation 3 has kept access to Hulu even without PlayOn or other workaround while others were blocked -- with the exception of its own remote... | News | 1


Evidently it's still cool to hate on Blu-ray: Harris Poll spin

2419 days 15 hours ago - EngadgetHD: We'd expect nothing less from some, and honestly 90 percent of the time we just ignore these types of posts, but when our friend CmdrTa... | News | 1,14


EngagdetHD: Sony Pictures to smarten up Blu-ray with MovieIQ, the "killer app for BD-Live"

2423 days 8 hours ago - Richard Lawler writes: "We talked to Sony Pictures recently and were promised that more useful reasons for hooking the internet to Blu-ra... | News | 1,14


How to use Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD with your PS3

2475 days 15 hours ago - You do your homework before picking out gear, and you know that the PS3 can deliver Blu-ray audio bliss courtesy lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD M... | Article | 1,14


OWC Pushes Quad Interface Blu-ray Burner To 8x

2535 days 19 hours ago - So much for staying atop the pile, eh? Just four months after OWC introduced the world's first external Blu-ray drive with a quad interface, the co... | News | 13,14


Another week, another record for Blu-ray

2552 days 11 hours ago - Another week, another record for Blu-ray on the Nielsen VideoScan charts courtesy of Home Media Magazine. The big news here is that after the holid... | News | 13


Memorex MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player sinks below $100

2572 days 19 hours ago - The prices of standalone Blu Ray player has come below 100$ coutesy of Memorex. Engatget reports :- " Check it, deal seekers -- yet... | News | 14


3D College football is actually quite enjoyable

2580 days 1 hour ago - Engadget HD writes: "It's no secret that as much as we love HD, we're not a big fan of 3D. It isn't that we just hate anything 3D, it's just t... | News | 14

Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending January 4th, 2008

2582 days 9 hours ago - engadgetHD:"The fourth quarter was very good to Blu-ray and from the looks of this, the so called fifth quarter is going to be even better. Ac... | News | 13


Westinghouse launches more HDTVs than we care to count at CES

2584 days 23 hours ago - Engadget writes: "No wonder we haven't seen a fresh TV from Westinghouse since July of last year -- it's been hoarding 'em up for a CES extrav... | News | 14

Blu-ray's first two years outpaces DVD's

2586 days 9 hours ago - engadgetHD:The success of DVD is the kind that consumer electronics manufactures dreamed of, and now after two years after the introduction of Blu-... | News | 13


Engadget HD: Ten predictions for the HD realm in 2009

2591 days 1 hour ago - Engadget writes: "It's always fun to look back and see which predictions were spot on and which were utter failures, so it's with that s... | Article | 14


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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