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Forget Call of Duty, Real Men Need the Retro Love: Carmageddon

544 days 8 hours ago - A brief look at 'Carmageddon,' mostly famous for being ridiculous and/or controversial. | Article | Retro


2013 Video Games that Should Allow Parents to Put Out Hits on Their Game Playing Kids

968 days 14 hours ago - Egotastic: If you haven't seen this splendid Kotaku story about the guy who hired online thugs to beat his son in online video games, you're missin... | Opinion piece | PC


In Honor of Aliens: Colonial Marines- Will More Manly Movies Receive Video Game Adaptions in 2013?

968 days 20 hours ago - Egotastic: Aliens: Colonial Marines, to be released February 13, is not a direct game-of-the-movie affair. When the film in question is almost thre... | Opinion piece | PC


Resident Evil 7: To Zombie or Not to Zombie?

968 days 23 hours ago - Egotastic: As such, there is ample scope to engage the speculation-o-meter. Where, prithee, is Resident Evil going? (‘down the sh*tter,’ allege som... | Opinion piece | PC


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

The Top 5 Moments We’re Looking Forward To in Grand Theft Auto V….Right Now

968 days 23 hours ago - Egotastic: The frames of the two Grand Theft Auto V trailers have been dissected, examined with blacklights and dusted for fingerprints at this poi... | Opinion piece | PC


The Egotastic! Essential Video Games of 2012: Resident Evil 6

969 days 1 hour ago - In a manner akin to Halo 4, here was another top-bollock franchise gone allegedly astray. | Opinion piece | PC


Playstation 2 Dies in Japan and We Take Time to Reflect on the Top 6 Things the PS2 Gave to Mankind

969 days 1 hour ago - Egotastic: There aren't many sad eyes around Egotastic HQ today as the news of Playstation 2's demise in Japan sinks in. Here's the Famitsu story d... | Opinion piece | PS2


Your Playstation 3 Needs Tehmeena’s Volleyball Skills and Konsole Kingz Can Help

969 days 2 hours ago - Egotastic: Xbox 360 owners can go click somewhere else right now, I want to talk to all the PS3 owners out there. Tehmeena is a Pakistani model bu... | Video | PS3


The Best of PSN, XBLA and eShop: Dead Nation

1200 days 19 hours ago - Egotastic: In another attempt to remedy the fact that blockbuster titles get all the media coverage, (like the voracious attention-devouring bastar... | Opinion piece | PS3


What in Holy Hell Happened to Chris Redfield?

1200 days 20 hours ago - Egotastic writes: Chris Redfield narrowly qualifies for a protagonist in Resident Evil’s peculiar character-switcheroo universe. He was present at... | Opinion piece | PC


Sephiroth: Why We Love Gaming’s Most Notorious Badass

1200 days 20 hours ago - Egotastic writes: Final Fantasy VII’s primary antagonist has a special place amongst the pantheon of video game villains. He’s perhaps the most pop... | Opinion piece | PSP


The Undead Invasion of Video Games

1258 days 17 hours ago - For some time, zombies in video games were associated with only one franchise: Resident Evil. The shambling monstrosities in the 1996 classic were... | Opinion piece | PC


1000 Tiny Claws: The Best Video Game You’ve Never Heard Of

1269 days 2 hours ago - The biggest new releases on video game systems get a surprising amount of media attention. Amongst all the must-have titles and the advertising fur... | Opinion piece | PSP


Video Game Pets Mom Would Have Hated: Cerberus

1269 days 3 hours ago - Not the underworld-guarding three headed dude (although that would admittedly make quite a pet) sadly. This Cerberus is the Resident Evil one, the... | Opinion piece | PC

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