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The Ultimate Game Guide to E3 2014

552 days 6 hours ago - With E3 creeping up on us like Gollum mid-puberty, Dusty Cartridge sent 15 men to brave the filthy, far reaching recesses of the internet. Their go... | Article | PS4


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review | Dusty Cartridge

601 days 14 hours ago - While it hasn't aged well in some aspects, in others they remain the classics that they're fondly remembered to be. | Review | PS3


Evolve vs. Titanfall - The Next-Gen Multiplayer Match-Up

637 days 16 hours ago - After hands-on time with both Evolve and Titanfall, Dusty Cartridge can’t help but think 2014 will be remembered as the year multiplayer gaming lev... | Article | PC


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

651 days 12 hours ago - Watching Square Enix attempt to amend the 13th numbered entry in the Final Fantasy series is a bit like watching a mediocre singer audition for Aus... | Review | Xbox 360


Why Dark Souls is the Game of the Generation

666 days 6 hours ago - Dusty Cartridge tears apart Dark Souls and analyses exactly how the punishing Japanese RPG has captured the hearts of a generation of gamers. | Opinion piece | PC


Batman: Arkham Origins Review | Dusty Cartridge

761 days 13 hours ago - Arkham Origins is a great Batman game and even though it doesn't move the series forward, there's a lot of fun to be had. Don't go in expecting the... | Review | PC


Tridek Creatures of Galena Preview - Dusty Cartridge

868 days 23 hours ago - Chris from DC writes: I love collectable card games, though it’s a genre we rarely saw too much of until 2013 rolled around. Released only within t... | Preview | PC


Convergence Theory: PC & Console Gaming Have A Lot More In Common Than You Think

876 days 11 hours ago - Jon from DC writes: Recently E3 concluded, and with its conclusion came a better understanding of where this next console generation is headed. One... | Opinion piece | Culture


What Studio Would You Like to See Remake Metal Gear Solid?

876 days 17 hours ago - Justin From DC writes: Earlier last week every Metal Gear fan burst with excitement when it was reported that Hideo Kojima was looking for a studio... | Opinion piece | Culture


E3 2013: EA Press Conference Post-Mortem

896 days 9 hours ago - Dan from DC writes: Straight from one conference to the next. Without a moment’s rest the DC crew swapped venues and headed on down to the EA pre-E... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


E3 2013: Sony Press Conference Post-Mortem

896 days 17 hours ago - Justin from DC writes: The first day of E3 is behind us and we are left amazed and excited. Sony closed out the day with their press conference and... | Opinion piece | PS3


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Review - Dusty Cartridge

901 days 17 hours ago - Trent from DC writes: Loading the cartridge into the 3DS, I am overwhelmed with a familiar soundtrack and gorilla sound effects that consumed my sc... | Review | 3DS


4 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Wildstar

901 days 17 hours ago - Dan from DC writes: In a market saturated with MMO mediocrity, what is there for fans of the genre to be excited about? Enter Wildstar. For the fir... | Opinion piece | PC


Soul Sacrifice Review - Dusty Cartridge

902 days 22 hours ago - Mark from DC writes: I’m beginning to wonder if I’m some kind of empathetic sadist; I want to care for you, but only if you suffer. I’d missed out... | Review | PS Vita


The Sequel Cycle: It’s Time for a New Way of Making Video Game Sequels

903 days 19 hours ago - Jon from DC writes: Sequels. Yes, dear readers, sequels. Everywhere I look, there they are, staring me in the face. They are plastered on the bigge... | Opinion piece | PC


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review - Dusty Cartridge

903 days 23 hours ago - Marty from DC writes: After Call of Juarez: The Cartel, and Techland’s latest atrocity – Dead Island: Riptide – I had lost all faith in the Polish... | Review | PC


Papo & Yo Review - Dusty Cartridge

903 days 23 hours ago - Javy from DC writes: If I were to talk about Papo & Yo in only adjectives, we’d be here a while. The game is beautiful, frustrating, sad, whimsical... | Review | PC


Top 5 Coolest and Corniest Names in Gaming

908 days 22 hours ago - Phil from DC writes: Names are important. Names have power. A mighty character should have a mighty name. Something that precedes them like the cal... | Opinion piece | PC


E3 2013: What Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Need To Accomplish

909 days 5 hours ago - Jon from DC writes: We’re only weeks away from E3 – the press is scrambling together teams for coverage, final touches are being put on press confe... | Opinion piece | PS4


Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Review - Dusty Cartridge

910 days 20 hours ago - Alex from DC writes: Re-releases normally piss me off, since developers often use them as a mechanism to bypass discounting by retailers. Publishin... | Review | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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