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DPAD, No More

2365 days 7 hours ago - For almost two years GotFrag DPAD has been supplying the console community with interesting features, editorials, reviews, previews, news, competit... | News | 11


New Madden Top 50 Rankings

2375 days 7 hours ago - Madden will release the second edition of its Madden Top 50 on March 1, 2008. In last year's top 50, Eric "Problem" Wright ra... | News | 2,11


Hollywood Boulevard (ed. 2)

2375 days 7 hours ago - Chuck Hollywood shares his tales from this year's Player's Bowl. | Article | 2,11

Match Made on Xbox Live

2375 days 7 hours ago - Our attention is on Xbox Live since it's one of the oldest and best online gaming services to connect with other people all over the world. A match... | Article | 2


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

DPAD Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Preview

2375 days 8 hours ago - The Rainbow team is back on the strip in Rainbow Six : Vegas 2. This sequel brings back all the goodness of the first game, makes it better and add... | Preview | 1,2,12


DPAD Silent Hill V Preview

2379 days 11 hours ago - Silent Hill has always been one of the best franchises in the genre of Survival Horror to-date. With its eerie environments and beyond freakishly d... | Preview | 1, 2


DPAD Disgaea 3 Preview

2379 days 13 hours ago - The game takes place in a school for demons called Maritsu Evil Academy. It's a school for demon students so you have to pull pranks, skip class, a... | Preview | 1


DOA4 Around the World; Destination: Chicago

2381 days 10 hours ago - The final stop leads us to the world champions, Chicago Chimera where we chat with BlackMamba and Kasumi Chan. | Interview | 2, 11


Professional Gamer, a Tax Write Off

2381 days 13 hours ago - All of us feel the wrath of Uncle Sam in our everyday lives. We pay taxes on everything from the food that we eat, the paper that we write on, the... | Article | 11


DPAD Devil May Cry 4 Review

2381 days 13 hours ago - Devil May Cry is one of the most profound hack-n-slash games to date. Going beyond the skeletal structure found in most other games, DMC utilizes a... | Review | 1,2,12


Madden NFL 08: Problem; Albany win Player's Bowl

2381 days 13 hours ago - Eric "Problem" Wright didn't skip a beat from his Madden Challenge title only months ago as he defeated Big Game James Saturday in the XB... | News | 2,11


What Causes Game Delays?

2381 days 14 hours ago - Many gamers have at least one game they want to buy that hasn't been released yet, and when it's about to come out on that golden month, you think... | Article | 11


Damage Control: Realism in Gaming

2381 days 14 hours ago - More to it than slick graphics, realism in games is approaching another level entirely. With the release of the next-generation of consoles comes t... | Article | 11


DPAD Grand Theft Auto IV Preview

2381 days 14 hours ago - Gaming's bad-boy is coming in just a couple of months. While other games took the GTA style and ran with it, Rockstar aims to reclaim its throne. D... | Preview | 1,2


Wii60 or PSWii?

2382 days 7 hours ago - Most people may not be able to afford all three major consoles. We may not be able even to afford both HD consoles. But many "Hardcore" g... | Article | 1,2,3,11


GHIII And Rock Band: A Professional's Perspective

2387 days 18 hours ago - Over-hyped? Overrated? Let's see what GotFrag's own Guitar Hero/Rock Band addict Michael "MuRRaY" Murray has to say about the game. | Article | 1,2


DPAD No More Heroes Review

2387 days 18 hours ago - You play the role of "Travis Touchdown," a young booger-picking, crotch-scratching, vulgar-mouthed, well… punk. Travis lives in "San... | Review | 3


Madden NFL 08:

2391 days 4 hours ago - has quickly come to the forefront of online gaming web sites which offer peer-to-peer online tournaments and matches with real payo... | Article | 2,11


Manufacturer Warranty vs. Extended Service Plans

2391 days 4 hours ago - It's no secret that these warranties are big money makers for retail giants. They work well for the stores because only a small percentage of them... | Article | 13


DPAD Dark Sector Preview

2391 days 5 hours ago - Dark Sector has shown a lot of progress and maturation recently, compared to the vague details it had contained initially from its 2004 announcemen... | Preview | 1,2


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