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Real Life UNSC Warthog

1267 days 11 hours ago - What better way to arrive at this year's E3 than in a life-sized UNSC Warthog? This beauty greeted anyone who passed Xbox's E3 booth in Los Angeles... | Image | Xbox 360


Halo 4: How Many Fingers Does A Promethean Knight Have?

1267 days 18 hours ago - It's time to meet Halo 4's most striking new enemy in all his unsettling alien glory. Watch in disgust as a Promethean Knight gives birth to a W... | Screenshot | Xbox 360


Xbox 360: 12 Shooters in 12 Months

1270 days 13 hours ago - If it moves kill it. Sound advice, that. You’re about to delve into a series of dark, hostile worlds, where foes are numerous and friends are few.... | Article | Xbox 360


An Early Glimpse Of Halo 4 At E3

1270 days 13 hours ago - Halo 4 has landed at E3. | Image | Xbox 360


Halo 4 Campaign Gameplay Confirmed for E3

1275 days 16 hours ago - Halo fans can breath a sigh of relief. Geoff Keighley – host of Spike TV - has officially confirmed that Halo 4 campaign gameplay will be shown at... | News | Xbox 360


One Thing Stands Out Above All Else In The Latest Tomb Raider Trailer: Lara Croft's Ass

1277 days 6 hours ago - The latest Tomb Raider trailer focuses on one thing: Lara Croft's Ass. | Trailer | Xbox 360


An Albino NES Pad

1278 days 20 hours ago - Isn’t it beautiful? A NES controller stripped of all its colours and branding. This simple yet striking image is the brainchild of Andrew Miller, a... | Image | Culture


Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: the first 'hardcore' Kinect game?

1279 days 11 hours ago - Heavy Armor has been touted as the first proper 'hardcore' Kinect game. The 'how to' trailer above tries its hardest to justify that tag. The ga... | Trailer | Xbox 360


How Do You Pronounce 'PS Vita'? Hopefully, not like this hipster guy...

1279 days 14 hours ago - How Do You Pronounce 'PS Vita'? Hopefully, not like this hipster guy... | Opinion piece | Culture


100 Amazing Video Game Images

1281 days 12 hours ago - A massive list of amazing video game images... | Article | Culture


This guy's video game room is INSANE

1286 days 17 hours ago - When a gamer dies and goes to heaven, this is the room he'll spend eternity in. | Video | Culture


The Ten Best Videogame End Credits

1290 days 19 hours ago - How do you stop gamers from slipping into a catatonic stupor during those dreary endgame credits? Simple. Keep ‘em entertained. Here’s how it’s done… | Opinion piece | Culture


5 Reasons to be Happy About Bioshock Infinite’s Delay

1292 days 22 hours ago - Delays suck. Sadly, it’s something us gamers are all too familiar with. We’re hardened veterans of the wait-game. It’s what we do. If we’re not pla... | Opinion piece | PC


The Evolution of Master Chief

1293 days 2 hours ago - A stunning series of pictures showing the evolution of Master Chief. | Image | Xbox


Growing Out of Video Games

1294 days 15 hours ago - One day you'll be too old to play video games. Sadly, that day may be a lot sooner than you think... | Article | Culture


100 Things Gamers Hate

1312 days 18 hours ago - A MASSIVE list of all the things gamers REALLY hate! | Article | Culture

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