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A Better Way to Watch Movies on XBox360 or PS3?

1809 days 23 hours ago - These days, video game consoles aren't just for video games anymore. There's a CD, DVD and Blu-Ray player, internet, Twitter, Facebook, chat and mo... | News | Xbox 360


Violent Video Games are Good for Kids, New Study Shows

1819 days 19 hours ago - Today, the Entertainment Software Association released findings from two studies by Dr. Christopher Ferguson of Texas A&M University. In an interes... | Article | Nintendo DS


University Developing Anti-Sex Game for Pre-Teen Whores

1826 days 2 hours ago - ...The game features a motion-capture suit, which the frightened teen's overprotective parents will force her to wear, allowing her to enter into a... | News | Tech


Comic-Con Round-Up: Halo: Reach Edition

1827 days 12 hours ago - A Halo: Reach branded console was unveiled Thursday at Comic-Con to the rejoicing of millions of people still driving their mom’s minivan and livin... | News | Xbox 360


A Closer Look at Cuphead

Now - Its aesthetic and theme is inspired by classic 1930s-era animation from Fleischer Studios, classic Disney and notably, Ub Iwerks (Mickey Mouse) and... | Promoted post

DaniWeb Review: Limbo on Xbox Live Arcade

1829 days 9 hours ago - Xbox Live’s third annual Summer of Arcade, presenting the biggest and best smash hits of the season, kicked off on Wednesday with the release of Li... | Review | Xbox 360


Apple says the Mac is cool, Microsoft agrees

2292 days ago - It is usually the Apple adverts which get the positive column inches both online and off, even when they go straight for the Vista jugular perhaps... | Article | 13,14


Microsoft Retail Strategy Doomed to Fail

2345 days 14 hours ago - You have to give Microsoft credit. They keep trying, even if what they are trying is copying Apple. This time they have announced they are going to... | Article | 2,12,13


Zune & iPod: A Tale of Two MP3 Players

2370 days 14 hours ago - Last week Apple and Microsoft released their fourth quarter MP3 player sales figures, which Apple chooses to call its first quarter for some odd re... | Article | 14


Ex Microsoft Security Member Explains How to Hack Windows Vista

2687 days 6 hours ago - Ever wondered just how smart a smartcard is, from the security perspective? Obviously there are problems as detailed in a DaniWeb blog posting last... | News | 12,14

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