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Nintendo's Wii losing ground to Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360

1694 days 9 hours ago - For four Christmases in a row, the Nintendo Wii was the must-have, can't-find holiday gift. Parents camped out in front of toy stores and elect... | Opinion piece | Wii


Halo: Reach Dallas News Review

1780 days 14 hours ago - Dallas News: It took the developers at Bungie three tries, but they've finally made a Halo sequel – well, prequel, actually – that's as ground-bre... | Review | Xbox 360


GameStop has used video game market down to a system

2314 days 6 hours ago - GameStop Corp. makes a fortune buying and selling used video games. And as the Grapevine company has flourished, competitors have taken notice, a... | Article | 11,13


Good games get lost in year-end sales push

2405 days 15 hours ago - If game makers take anything away from 2008, it should be that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. So many good and great games w... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5,11,12


Filmwatch Contest Details

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Dallas News: NBA 2K9 Review

2472 days 12 hours ago - Dallas News: "There are more severe problems. First, the game makers apparently didn't read the NBA rulebook all that closely. Any semi-seriou... | Review | 1,2,9,12


Passion for games launches Gearbox, career

2518 days 3 hours ago - Plano-based Gearbox Software is one of the biggest independent video game developers in the country, with about 200 employees and multiple blockbus... | Article | 11


For video game fanatics, QuakeCon exhibition is virtual nirvana

2553 days 4 hours ago - By IAN HAMILTON / The Dallas Morning News [email protected] Row after row of computer screens. More than 10 miles of networking cable... | Article | 11


id Software's John Carmack stays in the game

2553 days 5 hours ago - By VICTOR GODINEZ / The Dallas Morning News john Carmack is legendary for talking in technical gobbledygook that only the most astute video ga... | Article | 11


Dallas Morning New Reports on Texas Guv's Upcoming E3 Keynote

2571 days 3 hours ago - Reporter Victor Godinez writes about tomorrow's E3 keynote speech in the Dallas Morning News: "Texas is one of the top states in the nation fo... | Article | 30

Are game developers just trying to please the critics?

2614 days 8 hours ago - You might be surprised to learn how much game developers care what reviewers say about their games. | Article | 13


Dallas Mayor Leppert jams at Blockbuster charity event

2630 days 13 hours ago - Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert played a bit of the Pat Benatar anthem, Hit Me With Your Best Shot at a charity Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock marathon... | News | 1,2,3,9,12


Wii Shortage Finally Coming To An End

2677 days 18 hours ago - Article from the Dallas news showing how the Wii's supply problems will change. "OK, one last stab at explaining the Wii shortage.... | Article | 3, 13


Victor Godinez: PS3's current competition is its predecessor

2749 days 6 hours ago - Via The Dallas Morning News: "They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn. Sony better hope so. The final December U.S. sales... | Article | 1, 9, 13


What's next for Xbox?

2763 days 12 hours ago - The Dallas Morning News on Saturday, January 5, by Victor Godinez: "Who's ready to start talking about the next Xbox? Yeah, I know,... | Article | 2, 13


Tech Review: Toshiba HD-DVD players have a few hiccups

2777 days 3 hours ago - Victor Godinez of The Dallas Morning News writes: "I've been using the Blu-ray movie player in my PlayStation 3 game console for about a... | Review | 14


Wii attracts gamers outside the realm the Xbox and PlayStation

2812 days 8 hours ago - "A lot of people don't like the Nintendo Wii." "No, seriously, they hate it." Victor Godinez of the Dallas News write... | Article | 1, 2, 3, 13


Game makers, game players are angry at GameStop

2819 days 8 hours ago - The Dallas Morning News' Victor Godinez writes that gamers and game makers are angry at GameStop. The first group is angry at GameStop for offerin... | Article | 11,13


Comparing Xbox 360 and PS3

2840 days 3 hours ago - From a pure hardware standpoint, Dallas Morning News thinks the PS3 is now a better deal than the Xbox 360 Premium. The larger hard drive, the... | Article | 1,2


UTD study looks at girls and video games

2846 days 20 hours ago - As time goes on, girls are getting more interested in the world of gaming and is becoming a benefit for developers to make games that are attractiv... | Article | 13


Which big company will make the next gaming machine?

2861 days 8 hours ago - What company would you most like to see get into the business of making video-game consoles? Following are a handful of corporations that have... | Article | 13


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