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‘Far Cry 4’ ups the fun but lacks depth | Daily Nebraska

109 days 11 hours ago - “Far Cry 4” is a very familiar game. For the most part, it’s “Far Cry 3” with a few new features and gameplay tweaks. And, for the most part, this... | Review | PC


DmC Devil May Cry botches plot, social commentary | Daily Nebraskan review

792 days 7 hours ago - This is a game a person pauses when someone walks in the room, not for its gnashing blends of black metal guitars and drum and bass (D&B), not for... | Review | PC


New 'Resident Evil ' game lacks creative design, user control | Daily Nebraskan review

890 days 1 hour ago - Perhaps Leon describes “Resident Evil 6” best. Early in his story, a train rumbles through the metro nearly crushing him and Helena. “There was... | Review | PC

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