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Boy, 7, racks up massive £4,000 bill playing dinosaur video game on his father's iPad

42 days 14 hours ago - A blissfully unaware young boy nearly bankrupted his family by spending a whopping £3911 on the iOS title Jurassic World – all by purchasing in-gam... | News | Culture


Forza Motorsport 6: The most refined and realistic racing sim the Xbox One has ever seen |Daily Mail

147 days 17 hours ago - Speeding along the Nürburgring at night, wipers working overtime as the rain pelts down onto the windscreen of a heavily tuned camo painted Nissan... | Review | Xbox One


Chinese women paid up to $2.7million to play video games in scanty clothing

333 days 9 hours ago - Forget being a supermodel as a career choice - young Chinese women are now dreaming that when they grow up they will get the chance to be an e-spor... | Article | PC


Man buys a 'heavy' PlayStation 4 bundle from Denver Walmart and opens it to find only bags of rocks

411 days 2 hours ago - Igor Baksht planned to give his 13-year-old niece a PlayStation 4 for Christmas, so he went to a Stapleton Walmart last Friday to buy one. | News | PS4


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Kate Upton Is A Greek Goddess For ‘Game Of War: Fire Age’ New Advert

442 days 3 hours ago - Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton and girlfriend to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander donned a Greek goddess look as Athena in her new... | Video | iPhone


Violent videogame linked to 4 teenage deaths

622 days 18 hours ago - A coroner is investigating the role of the violent video game Call of Duty in the deaths of up to four teenage boys who played it before killing th... | News | Culture


Stomach-churning Sonic the Hedgehog Simulator Lets You See the World Through His Eyes

652 days 8 hours ago - If you’re hoping for the halcyon days of gaming to be given a virtual reality reboot, look no further than Oculus Rift. The headset, which continue... | News | Tech


Boys Turning to Action-Packed Video Games Because Books are 'Too Girly' for Them

660 days 23 hours ago - Boys are being put off reading because of the influence women have on children’s literature, says an award-winning children’s author. Jonathan Emm... | Opinion piece | Culture


Violent video games leave teenagers 'morally immature', claims study

732 days 17 hours ago - Spending hours playing violent video games stunts teenagers' emotional growth, a study has found. It is thought that regular exposure to violenc... | News | Culture


Chilling truth about the video games your children got for Christmas

775 days 18 hours ago - Scenes include women tied to train tracks and a man's kneecaps drilled One five-year-old was bought Grand Theft Auto to bond with his father An... | Article | Culture


Leicester Square is transformed into Xbox One Square ahead of Microsoft's midnight launch

811 days 15 hours ago - Leicester Square in London has been renamed Xbox One Square Signs have been replaced and lights have been set up in iconic Xbox green A giant Xb... | News | Xbox One


British gamers admit to... urinating into BOTTLES to stay in their video world - Daily Mail

812 days 1 hour ago - "New research from Domino's Pizza polled gamers across the UK It found half of male gamers have turned down sex to play video games Female gamers... | News | Culture


Style Over Substance: Dead Rising 3 Review | Daily Mail

812 days 22 hours ago - When Perfect Dark Zero graced the Xbox 360, it served as a stunning showpiece of the console’s power. Entertaining it was not. The same can be s... | Review | Xbox One


Would you pay £5,500 for a VIDEO GAME holiday?

823 days 14 hours ago - The ultimate package holiday for computer gamers has been mapped out - costing a cool £5,500 per ticket. The four week Epic Gaming Adventure pilgr... | News | PC


Batman: Arkham Origins review | Daily Mail

835 days 19 hours ago - The worst thing about Batman: Arkham Origins isn't the predicable gameplay, lack of invention and a general failure to evolve the series. These ele... | Review | PC


Mail Online- Grand Theft Auto V Review

855 days 20 hours ago - TALAL MUSA writes:- Sex, drugs and violence - Grand Theft Auto V has all three in abundance. But where many games simply use that cocktail as a me... | Review | Xbox 360


If the Devil had to invent a game, it would be this one

871 days 2 hours ago - If the Devil had his own bible, it would probably take the form of a computer game. It would be sly and witty, enjoyable and slick. It would start... | Article | Xbox 360


GTA V invites players to blow-up Mark Zuckerberg lookalike as it parodies Facebook office

873 days 16 hours ago - **SPOILERS** Gamers have discovered that the status of one of Grand Theft Auto V’s missions turns to ‘complete’ only when your character has blown... | News | Xbox 360


23 Year Old Man Stabbed and Robbed At GTA V Midnight Launch Event in London

876 days 23 hours ago - A 23 year old boy has been stabbed and robbed of his retail copy of GTA V after queuing up at one of the London Supermarket midnight launch event. | News | Xbox 360


Dead Rising 3 preview | Daily Mail

880 days 21 hours ago - How would you survive the apocalypse? Stick to conventional weapons? Conserve supplies? Or use light and noise to distract zombies so you can s... | Preview | Xbox One


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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