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The Lord of Crags, Titan Hard Mode

784 days 20 hours ago - Dailyjoypad writes: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been out for some time now, Naoki Yoshida’s re-imagining of Eorzea after the less than ec... | Article | PC


Roccat Kone Pure Color Mouse and Hiro Pad | Daily Joypad

811 days 17 hours ago - Daily Joypad writes: Having a good PC setup involves not only the components of your tower, but the peripherals themselves. In fact, the mouse and... | Review | PC


Europa IV Interview:Johan Andersson On Changes, Death Threats And The Future [Daily Joypad]

812 days 19 hours ago - Amid all the madness at this year’s Gamescom (Tom Regan) found a moment to sit down with Paradox Studio’s lead game designer Johan Andersson and... | Interview | PC


Hands-on with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag | Daily Joypad

814 days 9 hours ago - Daily Joypad writes: Ubisoft are at it again, and the Assassin’s Creed franchise makes a welcome return in the form of some pirate action in Assass... | Preview | PC


Gamescom 2013 Round-up – Part 3 | Daily Joypad

814 days 13 hours ago - Daily Joypad writes: My last Gamescom 2013 round-up, phew. Suffice it to say, it is the perfect time to get into gaming if you have not done so alr... | Preview | PC


Rayman Legends Review | Daily Joypad

815 days 1 hour ago - "Did you think that Rayman Origins was set to be one of the best looking and most original games of this generation? Rayman Legends wants a word an... | Review | PC


Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars 2 Announced, Alpha Coming to PC

817 days 11 hours ago - Daily Joypad's Jamie writes: Psyonix have announced that classic PSN car-footy title Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars is getting... | News | PC


Gamescom 2013 Hands-On Round-Up – Part One | Daily Joypad

825 days 21 hours ago - Daily Joypad's Lu writes: My second visit to Gamescom is probably the most exciting yet, unless you lived under a rock you should have heard by... | Preview | PC


Hands-On with The Elder Scrolls Online | Daily Joypad

826 days 7 hours ago - Daily Joypad's Lu writes: Gamescom started off with a flood of fantastic games, both behind closed doors and on the show floor. I was lucky enou... | Preview | PC


Hands-On with the Xbox One at Gamescom 2013

827 days 6 hours ago - Daily Joypad's Lu writes: Microsoft have a lot to fight for; what with the next-generation consoles being made available to the public for the f... | Preview | Xbox One


How to get Grand Theft Auto V at Launch for £23.68

832 days 6 hours ago - Daily Joypad's Jamie writes: The release of Grand Theft Auto V is looming, but with the next generation of consoles just around the corner, I’m... | News | Xbox 360


Getting Drunk with Rome II | Daily Joypad

833 days 4 hours ago - Daily Joypad writes: Creative Assembly’s historical RTS is nearly upon us, and they kindly invited us to see how things were shaping up. There was... | Preview | PC


Die!Die!Die! Review | Daily Joypad

834 days 23 hours ago - Daily Joypad's Jamie writes: While some say the Vita is in need of life support, I’m not quite sure this is what they had in mind. Die!Die!Die!... | Review | PS Vita


Hands-on with Arma 3 Beta | Daily Joypad

836 days 6 hours ago - With the traumatic events surrounding its developers and the Greek authorities firmly behind them, Bohemia Interactive concentrate on refining Arma... | Preview | PC


Beatbuddy: Tale Of The Guardians | Daily Joypad

841 days 23 hours ago - Daily Joypad writes: I dare you. I dare you to not tap your feet and nod your head to the rhythm that resonates through Beatbuddy: Tale Of The Guar... | Review | PC


Guacamelee! – El Diablo’s Domain DLC | Daily Joypad

847 days 7 hours ago - Last month, Guacamelee! received its first add-on in the form of the Costume Pack. It was dirt cheap and had a couple of vaguely amusing outfits, b... | Review | PC


Do Not Fall Review | Daily Joypad

847 days 8 hours ago - Never before has the title of a game been so bluntly descriptive of what it entails. The main goal of Do Not Fall is to simply not fall, hopping fr... | Review | PS3


Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Review | Daily Joypad

848 days 9 hours ago - While Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark may have lost it’s slightly more controversial title since it launched on Steam last December (Stealth Basta... | Review | PS3


Hands-on with Prison Architect | Daily Joypad

850 days 4 hours ago - Daily Joypad writes: Being the god of punishment is now a dream come true with this incarceration sim Prison Architect. As many have stated, direct... | Preview | PC


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded | Daily Joypad

853 days ago - Remember when The Church of England was angered by the cathedral burning shenanigans in Resistance: Fall Of Man? Well, you will be pleased to know... | Review | PC


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