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DAS: Old School Poker Solitaire Review

1442 days 5 hours ago - DAS: Play draw poker the old fashion way in your relaxing time. Get as many points as you can and try to collect all the achievements | Review | iPad

DAS: Circus Pain Review

1442 days 5 hours ago - DAS: In “Circus Pain” you control the destiny of Igor, a former explosives expert that figured getting shot out of a giant cannon would be a safer... | Review | iPad

DAS: QBox Plus Review

1442 days 5 hours ago - DAS: This challenging and addictive puzzle invites you to solve over 1500 different quotes of wisdom spanning over 3 eras of time and offering hour... | Review | iPad

DAS: Animal 101 Review

1442 days 5 hours ago - DAS: Animal 101 is a product of our personal experiences when it comes to teaching our children about animals. All kids love animals, but what they... | Review | iPad


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DAS - Face Rivals Review

1496 days 11 hours ago - DAS: Face Rivals is the silly quiz game with ridiculous consequences. Answer questions correctly and you get to make your opponent look like a f... | Review | iPhone

DAS - Panopticon Review

1496 days 11 hours ago - DAS - The Panopticon has control of the Great Machines and over the minds of men. Join the fight to bring down the Panopticon and free humanity fro... | Review | iPad

DAS - Mad Monkey Review

1496 days 11 hours ago - DAS - Don’t let the cute smile fool you! Mad Monkey steals all of your precious items, and then tosses them down at you trying to ruin your day! Ch... | Review | iPhone

DAS - Piffle Review

1496 days 11 hours ago - DAS - Piffle is a totally original multiplayer word game made specifically for ipad. A game of quick thinking and creative word making. Use as many... | Review | iPad

DAS - Social Sudoku Review

1496 days 11 hours ago - DAS - Want the Sudoku you know and love? Social Sudoku has all your favorite styles within the same app ranging from Gentle and Moderate to Diaboli... | Review | iPad

DAS - Sr. Mitsu Review

1496 days 11 hours ago - DAS - Sr. Mistu ran out of olives for his pizza. What will he do? What anybody would do: embark on an epic journey that will take him around the wo... | Review | iPhone

DAS - Crazy Marbles Review

1511 days 10 hours ago - DAS - The object of the game is to fill each wheel with four balls of the same color, thus causing them to explode. Once each wheel has exploded at... | Review | iPad

DAS - My Virtual Girlfriend Review

1511 days 11 hours ago - DAS - My Virtual Girlfriend is a (not-so-serious) fun and flirty, dating simulation game. It boasts beautiful, 3D women that rival the beauty of a... | Review | iPhone

DAS - Magic Beans Review

1511 days 11 hours ago - DAS - Magic beans are very special. Especially, they are delicious. However, transporting magic beans is a difficult and dang | Review | iPhone

DAS - Fruit Frenzy Review

1511 days 11 hours ago - DAS - Fruit Frenzy is a unique puzzle game from White Bat Games that’ll give you endless hours of fun! Slide the rows and columns of the board to m... | Review | iPad

DAS - InReverse Party Game Review

1539 days 8 hours ago - DAS - A truly unique party game. It’s simplicity will amaze and entertain. Here is how it works. Player one records a portion of a song in a cappel... | Review | iPhone

DAS - Toy Balls! Review

1539 days 11 hours ago - DAS - In the world of Toy Balls!, balls move and roll across a wooden universe with electro zappers lying in wait to toast and zap the innocent bal... | Review | iPhone

DAS - Reign of Rome Review

1618 days 22 hours ago - DAS - Build up the great roman empire, solving puzzles and grow from the “seven hills” to the “age of glory” epochs of Rome. | Review | iPhone

DAS - [Mod] It Review

1618 days 23 hours ago - DAS - [Mod] It! is based on the popular board game, but you get to take it wherever you go! Play against the app or with up to three friends. [Mod]... | Review | iPad

DAS - Air Battle of Britain Review

1623 days 21 hours ago - DAS - Air Battle of Britain(HD) is a realistic 3d air combat game for iPad, to recreate the fierce battle 70 years ago. | Review | iPad

DAS: Wiz Solitaire Review

1638 days 18 hours ago - DAS: Containing more than 25 kinds of solitaire, including the usual classics like Klondike, Free Cell, Spider…, it will grant you endless hours of... | Review | iPad


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