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Diablo III - Paragon Level Farming Routes

624 days 10 hours ago - So you’ve managed to reach Level 60, acquired an awesome Hellfire Ring, and socketed your shiny new Helm with a Radiant Star Ruby. Problem is…after... | Opinion piece | PC


Diablo III - Gearing Your Barbarian for Brawling

624 days 10 hours ago - You’ve managed to find the perfect balance of offensive and defensive skills, have the response time of a cheetah and know your rotation like the b... | Opinion piece | PC


Diablo III - Barbarian Brawling Strategy

624 days 10 hours ago - With the launch of Patch 1.0.7, Diablo III players were finally given the opportunity to test their mettle in PvP combat. Thousands of new builds w... | Opinion piece | PC


Diablo 3 Hellfire Ring Farming and Crafting

624 days 23 hours ago - Patch 1.0.5 brought with it a slew of changes to the world of Sanctuary, the most notable being Uber bosses and the much sought after Hellfire Ring... | Opinion piece | PC


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