Source : Smurf?

733 days 23 hours ago - David Jaffe: "If you don't know, this is the Barbarian from Diablo II. I had played Diablo I but never II, and this was sure news to me. As it w... | Image | PS3


The Death (and Future?) Of Twisted Metal

872 days 1 hour ago - David Jaffe- "I wanted to respond here on the blog as I get the 'what is the future of Twisted Metal' question often enough (which is a really nice... | Article | PS3


The Twisted Metal That Might Have Been

987 days 2 hours ago - David Jaffe: Over the years- be it working for a publisher or working for a developer- we'd often make videos for 'green light meetings'. These... | Video | PS3


David Jaffe: My Take On Eurogamer's 'Controversial' Uncharted 3 Review

1152 days ago - Eurogamer's 'controversial' review* of Uncharted 3 reminds me of why I love that site's reviews. I also loved their fair and insightful criticis... | Opinion piece | PS3


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New Twisted Metal Screens

1157 days ago - David Jaffe writes: "Just wanted to share! Have a great day ya'll!" | Screenshot | PS3


The Value of (and difference between) Play Testing and Focus Testing

1357 days 9 hours ago - David Jaffe: Firstly, Play Tests and Focus Tests are different things. A Play Test is when you put the game in front of players who have never play... | Opinion piece | PS3


On Set: Twisted Metal

1357 days 22 hours ago - David Jaffe: Been doing some pick up shots and reshoots for TWISTED METAL's live action, in game cinematics over the last week. We'll finish up thi... | News | PS3


David Jaffe: My Response to EA Louse...

1528 days ago - Following yesterday’s rant by an anonymous disgruntled EA/Mythic employee, the game industry is abuzz about EA and their latest “whistleblower.” Ou... | News | Industry


Torn Between Two Dantes

1548 days 12 hours ago - David Jaffe writes: "I'm torn. As the guy who was very seriously considering turning Sweet Tooth into an inner city gang banger (big ass, super tou... | Opinion piece | PC


Sweet Tooth On PlayStation: The Official Magazine November Cover

1550 days 17 hours ago - David Jaffe reveals that Twisted Metal will be in the next issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine and a character/vehicle is revealed in the i... | News | PS3


Journalistic Assumptions

1552 days 20 hours ago - David Jaffe: "I'm really tired of journalists writing pieces about what they feel is lacking in games- be it deeper artistic sensibilities, deeper... | Opinion piece | Culture


Twisted Metal: Thoughts from Comic Con

1607 days 20 hours ago - David Jaffe writes: Hey- just wanted to pop in and say a quick 'hey' to everyone, post a few pics, let you know what is up. So we had a fantasti... | News | PS3


Twisted Metal: Apocalypse

1617 days 3 hours ago - David Jaffe: "There was a time- 2 years ago about- that the new PS3 Twisted Metal was going to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Co-Director Scot... | News | PS3


Jaffe's game at E3?

1653 days 2 hours ago - "We've just had a hell of a crazy milestone that's been taking all our time. With all the execs in town for E3, Sony scheduled a milestone for our... | News | PS3


Milestone Crunch & Game Makin' Lessons

1666 days 10 hours ago - David Jaffe writes: "Hey ya'll- sorry been away for a few days. Game is in milestone crunch on all fronts and there is just no time to breathe.... | Article | Industry


David Jaffe Gives Update on Next Game

1743 days 14 hours ago - PSLS writes: "No matter if you love him or hate him, when David Jaffe speaks, gamers listen. His newest title, rumored to be Twisted Meta... | News | 1


David Jaffe: God of War 3 thoughts so far

1749 days 14 hours ago - Jaffe writes "Playing GOD OF WAR 3 this weekend and really, really loving it.But it being a great game aside, it is an AMAZING and RARE game d... | Article | 1


Uhm...Ok, Am I Missing Something Here?

1756 days 7 hours ago - David Jaffe writes: "So this headline has been making the net game news today: DAVID JAFFE: I DON'T CARE ABOUT REVIEWS It comes from... | Article | 11


David Jaffe's reaction on GoW III GTTV episode : "Holy Hell"

1757 days 21 hours ago - David Jaffe just posted a video reaction to the GTTV episode about GoW III. It starts at 4:21, check it out ! | Video | 1


Jaffe: 'No Regrets' Leaving God of War

1783 days 11 hours ago - In his most recent video blog, video game designer David Jaffe once again clarified that he has "no regrets" leaving God of War. &qu... | News | 1


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