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Google Is Preparing Chrome To Become A Game Platform

1626 days 11 hours ago - Video gaming is a big topic for web browsers as well as HTML5, but there are few enthusiast gamers who are taking this scenario serious. Can a Joys... | News | PC


Nintendo Just Osborned Itself

1700 days 9 hours ago - Announcing a new product before it is actually available can be a great tool to build anticipation. Done in the wrong way, you may shoot yourself i... | Article | Wii U


Windows 8 To Drive Kinect Into Computing

1711 days 12 hours ago - Microsoft’s Windows 8 will become the foundation of new interface models and redefine the way we interact with computers | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Why The Xbox 360 Will Be Microsoft’s iPhone

1730 days 23 hours ago - If Microsoft could build and sell operating systems in the same way as it develops, builds and sells its game console system, Microsoft would be a... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Microsoft Kinect May Drop Avatars, Introduce Surrogates

1732 days 7 hours ago - Microsoft recently applied for a body scan patent that largely describes Kinect sensor technology, but also touches the potential next generation o... | News | Xbox 360


Microsoft: Kinect Hacks By Script Kiddies A Waste Of Time

1839 days 18 hours ago - Microsoft’s SoCal Sam blogger published an interesting view and advice for “Script Kiddies” trying to hack the Kinect sensor and software or Apple’... | News | Xbox 360


How Polyphony Sucks Life Out Of GT5

1897 days 7 hours ago - CT: "We have had plenty of time taking Gran Turismo (GT5) cars out for a drive by now. We have received two patches, we got used to wait times and... | Opinion piece | PS3


5 Reasons Why Xbox 360 Kinect Could Fail

1922 days 13 hours ago - This all seems like Microsoft's answer to the clever Wii controller, with its built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers. But when all is said and done... | Article | Arcade


Kinect To Outsell PS3 Move, IDC Says

1925 days 10 hours ago - According to IDC, Americans will but between 2.5 and 3 million Kinect devices during the fourth quarter, while the Move controller is expected to b... | News | Xbox 360


Kinect Preorders On Amazon Jump To $250

1926 days 13 hours ago - It turns out that Kinect may be selling well as the regular stock of the standalone Kinect appears to be sold out at and Amazon. Accord... | News | Xbox 360


Sony Files For Naked Eye 3D LCD Patent

1935 days 11 hours ago - Can't wait to get rid of those glasses. Not exactly just gaming, but it's interesting to see that Sony seems to have the technology in its labs alr... | News | Tech


Oprah: Xbox 360 With Kinect For The Audience

1938 days 15 hours ago - Following the somewhat surprising news that Microsoft somehow convinced Oprah to showcase its Kinect controller technology on national TV, the audi... | News | Xbox 360


How Bad Are PS3 Move Sales?

1941 days 7 hours ago - ConceivablyTech: We could not verify this information and, needless to say, Sony declined to comment. But we do wonder how bad Move sales really we... | Opinion piece | PS3


More Than 100,000 Macs On Steam?

1950 days 12 hours ago - It appears that Valve has now more than 100,000 active Mac owners playing games on its Steam network. According to its September statistics, 2.14%... | News | PC


PS3 Move Has Little Chance This Christmas

1954 days 23 hours ago - We so wanted Sony to have a good shot at this year’s Christmas season. But Sony has an incredible talent to shoot itself in the foot. The PS3 Move... | Opinion piece | PS3


Console Market Dissected: Wii Is Dying

1977 days 13 hours ago - Don’t get defensive just yet. We all love our Wiis. But NPD’s monthly market numbers reveal much more than plain shipment numbers for the United St... | News | Wii


Apples Muscles Its Way Into The Game Console Market?

2006 days 12 hours ago - It’s mid August, which means that it is time to startup the Apple rumor engine once again. The current trend-o-meter suggests that Apple will hold... | Rumor | Casual games


Our Top 5 Free Casual Strategy Games

2009 days 23 hours ago - If you enjoy occasional simple and easy gaming and don’t always have the patience to go through a manual and long learning curves in today’s comple... | Article | Casual games


What Can Save Steve Ballmer?

2013 days 8 hours ago - Perhaps it has become a tradition. Perhaps it is the slow news season. Perhaps there is an actual reason why Steve Ballmer’s leadership role at Mic... | Opinion piece | Industry


150 Kinect Seals PS3 Fate

2028 days 21 hours ago - Microsoft confirmed what hardly has been a secret – the price of its Kinect controller system as well as the Xbox 360 – Kinect bundle with an upgra... | Opinion piece | Wii


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