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Capcom to Launch Seven Online Titles for China and Other Asian Countries

1 day 20 hours ago - Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that the decision has been made to start selling seven new titles for smartphones and PCs in order... | News | PC


Resident Evil Revelations - Case File #4: Survive

441 days 12 hours ago - Case File #4: "Infected creatures and environmental dangers make the chances of survival for the B.S.A.A agents on board even more difficult." | Video | PC


Resident Evil Revelations - Case File #3: Infect

445 days 12 hours ago - New video Case File #3 of Resident Evil Revelations confirms the existence and potential threat of the T-Abyss virus. | Video | PC


Resident Evil Revelations: Developer Diary #2 - Infection & Repulsion

446 days 7 hours ago - The second developer diary of Resident Evil Revelations takes a look at the relevance of different viruses in Resident Evil games as well as their... | Video | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Resident Evil Revelations - Case File #2: Horror

449 days 5 hours ago - Case File #2: Here is a brand new video of Resident Evil Revelations that includes gameplay footage. | Trailer | PC


Resident Evil Revelations - Case File #1: Atmosphere

450 days 23 hours ago - This new video of Resident Evil Revelations shows footage on the deserted SS Zenobia. | Video | PC


Capcom Says They’ve Made 75 Resident Evil ‘Titles’. Seventy. Five.

642 days ago - Kotaku - There sure have been a lot of Resident Evil games, right? The above chart was posted by Capcom back in June. I just noticed it on their... | News | Culture


UMvC3: New Character Themes Revealed

1036 days 10 hours ago - The character themes for Vergil, Nemesis, Strider and all the other new characters has been revealed. | News | Arcade


Capcom Announces a New Entry in the Resident Evil Series, its First Title for GREE

1192 days 23 hours ago - Capcom writes "Capcom Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce a new social gaming entry in the "Resident Evil" series to be released for Gree, Inc.'s soci... | News | Mobile


Dead Rising: The Movie Trailer

1640 days 15 hours ago - Trailer for Dead Rising: The Movie, which is being directed by Kenji Infaune. | Trailer | 11


First teaser of the new Street Fighter released

1760 days 19 hours ago - Capcom released a teaser for the upcoming new Street Fighter game, rumored to be named Super Street Fighter IV. | Video | 1, 2, 7, 12


New Capcom game is NOT Onimusha

1854 days 10 hours ago - Many were lead to believe that a new Onimusha game was soon to be revealed by capcom especially since the supposedly Onimusha time line date appea... | News | 11,15


Resident Evil 5 Spoiler

2056 days 23 hours ago - Resident Evil 5 spoiler right off of Capcom's official website. | News | 1,2


Resident Evil Official Website now live

2127 days 9 hours ago - Capcom has announced Resident Evil will be ported to Wii on December 25 in Japan. This time, the game will use the Wii controller, but will also st... | News | 3


Monster Hunter 3 Official Site Up

2134 days 11 hours ago - The website for Monster Hunter 3 has just gone live. | News | 3

110° lists Devil May Cry for PSP

2211 days 7 hours ago - If you look at the top of the list you can see that Devil May Cry is listed for the Sony PSP. | News | 4


Rumor: Speculation of Gouki/Shenlong in SFIV?

2245 days 18 hours ago - If you enter the "Consumer" part from the official Japanese SFIV site, you can see this updated page for the PS3 and 360 versions. F... | Rumor | 1, 2, 7


Countdown In Rockman 20th Birthday Site

2411 days 15 hours ago - There is a countdown in the Rocketman 20th birthday site. Could this be a Next Gen Rockman? | News | 11


Hidden Resident Evil 4 Wii Trailer Unearthed

2622 days 3 hours ago - A stalwart reader over at GoNintendo was poking around the Japanese Resident Evil 4 Wii site and discovered a link to a special "hidden page.&... | Video | 3


New Video of Capcom's Devil Kings 2

2639 days 6 hours ago - Released today on Capcom's Japanese site is all new video footage of the sequel to Devil Kings for Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2. | Video | 3,9


ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

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