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Latest 3D Zelda game is a treat for gamers young and old

1557 days 20 hours ago - Remastering a Nintendo 64 classic like The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time is a truly daunting task. It's a cult classic, a game that's affected mi... | Opinion piece | 3DS


How Call of Duty is ruining gaming.

1746 days 11 hours ago - The latest installment of the franchise, Call of Duty Black Ops, sold 7 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release. There have been seven... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Video games for couples

1747 days 7 hours ago - Here are five accessible co-operative games you can play with your significant other on Valentine's Day. | Article | Wii


Call of Duty a game changer

1841 days 1 hour ago - Canada: "In the entertainment world, video games used to be little more than an afterthought compared to the film industry. But after Call of Du... | Article | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Canada Review: NBA 2K11

1865 days 9 hours ago - Canada writes: "NBA 2K11 is a slam dunk. The new title is close to becoming the No. 1 selling basketball video game of the past two years. It is... | Review | PC


New music video games really teach wannabe rockers

1890 days 5 hours ago - The success of video games for wannabe rockers has prompted a new wave of music games — ones that actually teach players how to really play music.... | Article | Tech

10° Kinect puts spin on Xbox 360 gaming

1891 days 21 hours ago - When some people think of avid video gamers, they picture out-of-shape boys or young men huddled in front of a television in their parents' basemen... | Article | Xbox 360


Canada Review: Madden 11

1930 days 3 hours ago - Canada writes: "There can be no harder job in video gaming than working on the Madden NFL football series. For starters, you're the top-selling... | Review | Xbox 360


Canada: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

2049 days 5 hours ago - writes: "Sam Fisher is back and this time he is angrier, grittier and more lethal then ever. The iconic lead character in Ubis... | Review | 2,12


Canada Review: God of War III a beautiful, shocking and gripping experience

2082 days 17 hours ago - Canada writes: "God of War 3 isn't just about brutal vengeance. It's also about redemption. While the lion's share of the game involves h... | Review | 1


Canada: Better 3-D games on the horizon

2143 days 3 hours ago - writes: "Las Vegas is a city of smoke and mirrors. It's appropriate then that the biggest new innovation of Sin City's Consume... | Article | 11


Overweight youth more likely to watch more TV, play video games

2241 days 1 hour ago - Gamesthirst: Apparently the most significant difference between overweight youth and their healthy peers is the amount of time they spend in front... | News | 11


Canda Review: Wolfenstein a great shooter

2279 days 21 hours ago - Canada writes: "The great thing about the way computer technology has developed in the entertainment industry is it allows classics to be &quo... | Review | 1,2,12


Popularity growing for bite-sized games

2293 days 6 hours ago - In a year when the once-relentless growth of the video-game market has declined, one area keeps surging as if the recession was just a longer form... | Article | 11


B.C. residents set world record for video game exercise

2379 days 7 hours ago - Peter Wright came prepared: He had the sunglasses, the head band, the water bottle and yes, he even practised a bit. Wright was among the 605... | News | 3


Video games evolving as serious educational tools

2400 days 2 hours ago - From teaching students about Baroque music to skewering the fast-food industry and to a well-timed look at an epidemic crisis, video games have gro... | Article | 3,6,11,13


Wii no flash in the pan

2474 days 1 hour ago - When the Nintendo's Wii debuted in late 2006, video game industry executives and observers scoffed, calling it a fad that would quickly pass. Three... | Article | 3,13


Complex storytelling deepens the appeal of today's video games

2475 days 7 hours ago - writes: "While still seen by many as mindless entertainment, video games are taking on greater depth and surpassing the worlds fles... | Article | 13,15


Sony writes powerful P.S. to holidays

2506 days 4 hours ago - January and February are typically the horse latitudes of the retail year, the dead zone during which everyone recovers from their Christmas spendi... | Article | 1,13


Consoles set to fully flex muscles in '09

2508 days 10 hours ago - Paul Chapman writes: The conventional wisdom in gaming circles is that it takes three to four years for programmers to really get a handle on... | Article | 1, 2, 3, 11


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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