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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong about Bloodborne

46 days 17 hours ago - "I’ve played Bloodborne quite a lot. In fact I’ve played Bloodborne so much that real life is some crazy parallel universe I’d almost forgotten. A... | Opinion piece | PS4


Cities: Skylines Review (PC) | CalmDownTom

73 days 23 hours ago - Cities Skylines has restored my faith in the City Building Simulation genre. | Review | PC


Top 5 Tips for getting started in Crusader Kings II

94 days 4 hours ago - Crusader Kings II is a game that, at the time of writing, is three years old. Yet we are still seeing expansion after expansion for the game, and t... | Article | PC


Pix the Cat Review (PC) | Calmdowntom

108 days 21 hours ago - "Pix the Cat is an addictive, infuriating mesh of Snake and Pac Man… on acid. It’s been out for a while on PS4 and PS Vita, but it has only just be... | Review | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Blackguards 2 Review (PC) | Calmdowntom

109 days 9 hours ago - "As a player who has had very little experience with this genre, I found BlackGaurds 2 to be an enjoyable experience and it was easy to pick up the... | Review | PC


Should I Be Excited About Aero's Quest? on CalmDownTom

112 days 15 hours ago - CalmDownTom answers the burning question; Should I be Excited About Aero's Quest? | Preview | PC


Dying Light Review on CalmDownTom

112 days 16 hours ago - Martin tries to survive a night jog in the perilous world of Dying Light | Review | PC


Top Eleven 2015 Review (iOS) | CalmDownTom

117 days 5 hours ago - Facebook's No. 1 football manager is now available on iOS. | Review | iPhone


Rising World Early Access Preview (PC) | Calmdowntom

120 days 21 hours ago - "I really liked the look of JIW-Games, Rising World. It is an open world, sandbox, resource gathering and building game, without the block styling... | Preview | PC


Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review (PC) - Calmdowntom

143 days 9 hours ago - CDT: "The Geometry Wars franchise returns with Dimensions, the third title in the series and its most polished yet. If you’ve played either of its... | Review | PC


Dungeon of the Endless Review (PC) - CDT

143 days 17 hours ago - CDT: "Those two words probably summoned an emotion deep within you. For some, they’re a portal to the finest experiences in video gaming – games t... | Review | PC


This War of Mine Review (PC) | Calmdowntom

143 days 19 hours ago - CDT: "While that proclamation might lack eloquence, it’s nonetheless succinct, heartfelt and justified. “Fuck the War” is scrawled all over This W... | Review | PC


Adventure Time – The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Review (3DS) | Calmdowntom

143 days 21 hours ago - CDT: "Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is a top down action-adventure game for the 3DS/2DS, Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. This re... | Review | 3DS


Fight the Dragon Review (PC) | Calmdowntom

143 days 22 hours ago - CDT: "I’m a real sucker for games that give you the possibility to make your own adventures. I’m a PC gamer, so I really appreciate any game that... | Review | PC


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review (3DS) | CDT

143 days 22 hours ago - CDT: "For the uninitiated a Persona game must just look like a collection of lazy anime tropes bundled together into a JRPG because fuck it why no... | Review | 3DS


Grand Theft Auto V Review (PS4) - Calmdowntom

144 days ago - CDT: "Whilst the Chinese calendar has the year of the dragon, the videogame industry has created the year of the re-release. 2014 has seen develop... | Review | PS4


Glitch Free Gaming: Game of The Year 2014 Day 4

144 days 16 hours ago - The final day of GOTY dawns and with it the ultimate award of Game Of The Year must be awarded…But not before we talk about Boardgames a bunch! | Podcast | PS4


Glitch Free Gaming: Game of the Year 2014 Day 2

145 days 22 hours ago - In day two of Glitch Free Gaming’s annual round up of the best of the best we cover best music game, biggest surprise and best soundtrack while arg... | Podcast | PS4


Glitch Free Gaming: Game of the Year 2014 Day 3

145 days 22 hours ago - It’s day three in the GFG House and our usual trio continue to argue as their energy fades, this time about the best indie games, prettiest game an... | Podcast | PS4


Year of the Waiting Gamer

145 days 22 hours ago - "Is this the year of the gamer? I had to ask myself this due to so many things hitting the gaming news headlines; such as day 1 patches, postponeme... | Opinion piece | Industry


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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