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To the Moon Review (C&

1546 days 3 hours ago - Chad Shartman from writes "Do you feel a need for some nostalgia? Do you miss the old story driven games of the 16 bit era? Well y... | Review | PC


Angry Grandma pwns in Call of Duty - Language Warning for Video

1546 days 7 hours ago - CakeandGames: This grandma not only has a temper, but she is letting you know exactly what she thinks about Call of Duty!! Also I have to say G... | Video | PC


Uncharted 3 review (C&

1552 days 21 hours ago - Uncharted 3 is a 3rd person shooter/action adventure game that relies on its cover system. This is the 3rd in the series, and the follow up to the... | Review | PS3


The House of the Dead review (C&

1553 days 5 hours ago - I didn't find the graphics to be anything amazing, they were more like okay PC graphics or something for a hand held console. However, they aren't... | Review | PS3


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Battlefield 3 review (C&

1554 days 10 hours ago - Battlefield 3 is realistic war game/first person shooter, based on destruction, vehicle combat and squad based tactics. It's from the makers of Bad... | Review | PC


Batman Arkham City Review (2nd Opinion) |C&

1560 days 11 hours ago - Batman Arkham City is a follow up to the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum. This time your old friend the Joker is up to no good again. But not ju... | Review | Xbox 360


DarkSouls review (C&

1561 days 3 hours ago - Hello fellow people that like games! Today we have a very special dark souls review, why is it so special? Because i've played it around three 300... | Review | Xbox 360


Batman Arkham City review (C&

1562 days 4 hours ago - The characters look amazing! You can really see the creativity and hard work that has gone into making each individual... individual. Enemy henc... | Review | Xbox 360


Pay Day the Heist Video Review! C&

1563 days 15 hours ago - Wow it's kind of hard to right a description for a video review. It's a review of Pay Day the Heist for ps3, but only in video! I hope you enjoy! | Review | PC


Dream Game - Sony Smash Bros.

1566 days 8 hours ago - Our industry has always had tons of imitation. Well I don't know if imitation is the best word to describe it. Maybe just appreciation or acknowled... | Article | PS3


Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD review (C&

1570 days 10 hours ago - The graphics were actually pretty decent for how old the game is, I was expecting them to be a little less good than what they were. They aren't an... | Review | Xbox 360


CakeandGames | Rage Quick Sound Review

1576 days 13 hours ago - Hey guys, Chad here with this is a quick sound reivew of rage for the ps3. This is our first quick sound review. So please leave u... | Review | PC


CakeAndGames: Rage Review

1578 days 11 hours ago - Rage is very, very gory. If you shoot someone in the head you will see bits of brain and skull on the floor, shoot someone in the leg it will blow... | Review | PC


CakeAndGames: Child of Eden Triple Review

1587 days 18 hours ago - Child of Eden is a...........………well……........hmm…..It's an on rails space internet adventure shooter. Where the internet was modeled after the fir... | Review | PS3


Resistance 3 Montage

1591 days 18 hours ago - Great montage with the auger, kill streaks and shotgun! | Video | PS3


CakeAndGames: Cubixx HD review

1592 days 23 hours ago - Cubixx HD is a sequel to the psp mini game. It's an interactive puzzle game of sorts. But it's hard to put this in the genre of a puzzle game. Real... | Review | PS3


Crystal Ball Predictions- Game of the year 2011

1593 days 15 hours ago - Well its almost that time of year again folks. The big game of the year awards. We have seen so many great games this year so far. There are a few... | Opinion piece | PC


CakeAndGames:Resident Evil 4 Review

1594 days 19 hours ago - Resident Evil 4 HD hasn't really got HD graphics, objects are very blurry and the scenery isn't really PS3 quality, however, the graphics are not t... | Review | Xbox 360


CakeAndGames: Dead Island DUAL Review

1605 days 4 hours ago - About Dead island is an open world zombie game. Your one of four people that are immune to the virus. The game takes place in various setting on a... | Review | PC


BloodRayne Betrayal Review The Massive Ceiling Bum Hole Version (

1610 days 5 hours ago - BloodRayne: Betrayal is a downloadable sidescrolling game,for Xbox Live and for the Playstation Network. I really liked the graphics, which is all... | Review | PS3


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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