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Video Game Composers Release Benefit Album

1528 days 9 hours ago - Botchweed: "Composers of the Dead Space, Mass Effect and Dragon series of games are all teaming together to make an album which will see its procee... | News | Culture


Battlefield 3 Servers Now Down For Maintenance and Patching

1528 days 9 hours ago - Botchweed: "If you are wondering why you cannot access the Battlefield 3 servers right now, then the answer is simple. DICE have taken the servers... | News | PC


Server Blacklists Coming to BF3 "in the Coming Weeks"

1528 days 22 hours ago - In a recent live Q&A with Battlefield 3 fans, the game’s producer Fredrik Löving was asked about when a server blacklist feature will be added to t... | News | PC


Battlefield 3 Could Have More BF2 Maps Soon

1528 days 22 hours ago - Botchweed: "In a 1 hour live chat with Fredrik Loving and Alexander Grondal, the producers of Battlelog and Battlefield 3 respectively, a user aske... | News | PC


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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GTA 5 Most Searched for 2012 Release

1529 days 4 hours ago - Botchweed: "Out of all the titles that have already been announced as 2012 releases and those that we’re still not sure of, Grand Theft Auto 5 is d... | News | PC


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review [Botchweed]

1536 days 17 hours ago - Botchweed's Liam Griffiths writes: "You can choose to pursue the main quest-line immediately if you want, uncovering the epic story of the ‘Dra... | Review | PC


Modern Warfare 3 Server Rollback Error Causes Loss of Stats

1541 days 7 hours ago - Botchweed: "It looks like Call of Duty Elite wasn’t the only issue with the launch of Modern Warfare 3. Unfortunately it seems like there may be mo... | News | PC


Xbox 360 Silent Update to Fight Piracy

1543 days 9 hours ago - Botchweed: "In a recent silent update the team at Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360 to help further prevent piracy on their leading console. The n... | News | Xbox 360


9/11 Forced GTA 3 Changes

1546 days 3 hours ago - Botchweed: "Dan Houser one of the vice presidents at Rockstar has recently spoken to Edge magazine about the 10 year anniversary of Grand Theft Aut... | News | PC


Infinity Ward Ban Over 1600 MW3 Cheaters

1546 days 18 hours ago - Botchweed: "Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has announced that the developer is coming down hard on those who choose to cheat in their shooter Moder... | News | PC


EA Says NFS: The Run Takes Much Longer Than 2 Hours

1548 days 22 hours ago - Botchweed: "We reported earlier that Need For Speed: The Run is only 2 hours long, however, EA PR have since been in contact to assure us that the... | News | PC


Modern Warfare 3 Already Hacked on PC

1554 days 1 hour ago - Some pesky, cheating bastards have successfully hacked the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 just days after its release. The aimbot package ensure... | News | PC


Modern Warfare 3 Review - Botchweed

1555 days 15 hours ago - Botchweed: "Fresh, innovative, unique. You won’t find any of that here. I started off today without knowing what I was going to write about Mode... | Review | PC


Battlefield 3 Review - Botchweed

1560 days 4 hours ago - Liam of Botchweed writes: "The year-of-the-trilogy continues it's unstoppable rampage with this installment of DICE's grand war sim, and with it co... | Review | PC


150 Inversion Screenshots

1564 days 1 hour ago - Botchweed: "The trailer features commentary from some of the Sabre Interactive development crew to help give you an extra incite into the world of... | Screenshot | PC


Diablo 3 Beta First Impressions - Botchweed

1564 days 8 hours ago - Eddy from Botchweed: "As many of you have noticed, I have spent a fair amount of my weekend playing some more of the Diablo 3 beta. I know that you... | Article | PC


Blizzard's Mike Morhaime Apologises for Homophobic Video

1567 days 2 hours ago - Botchweed: "Blizzard landed themselves in a bit of trouble over a video that was shown at BlizzCon featuring Level 90 Epic Tauren Chieftain and Geo... | News | Culture


Battlefield 3 European Launch Features Tank On Streets of London

1567 days 15 hours ago - Botchweed: "Dan Sheridan the UK community manager for many EA games just tweeted a photo from one of the midnight launch parties from the heart of... | News | Culture


BF3 Network Issues Resolved On PS3 and Xbox 360

1567 days 19 hours ago - Botchweed: "Just a few hours ago we reported about Origin causing problems with people being able to play Battlefield 3." | News | Xbox 360


Origin Activation Down Leaving Players Unable to Play BF3

1567 days 21 hours ago - Botchweed: "Problems continue with as Battlefield 3′s global launch continues tonight with the release of the game in Europe." | News | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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