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Light up with ‘Weeds Social Club’ on Facebook

1560 days 22 hours ago - Tired of growing tomatoes and lettuce in Farmville, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to the real stuff in a new Facebook game called Weeds Social Cl... | News | Casual games


Angry Birds for Chrome already “hacked”, all levels unlocked

1608 days 15 hours ago - The HTML5 based game Angry Birds has already been “hacked” just a few hours after being released. Since the game's save data is stored in HTML5′s L... | News | PC


Attaching 9-Volt battery to head can boost gaming performance

1634 days 23 hours ago - Scientists at the University of New Mexico have discovered that delivering 2 milliamps of electricity (from a 9 volt battery) to a person’s scalp c... | News | Tech


Playseat unveils F1 Red Bull racing game seat

1672 days 14 hours ago - Playseat has announced the Playseat F1 Red Bull seat, which is expected to go on sale in June 2011. This new product was designed to bring users cl... | News | Xbox


Check What Wii U and 3DS Titles are Coming Out in October

Now - Nintendo has a handful of interesting titles on offer across Wii U and 3DS systems for the orange-tinged month of October. Here's some hot picks th... | Promoted post

No CoD doesn't mean no Modern Warfare 3

1683 days ago - It seems that the is in no way indicative of a new Call of Duty announcement next week. However it doesn’t seem to be the end of th... | Opinion piece | PC


Good news Canadian Steam/Netflix users, UBB policy to be overturned

1706 days 1 hour ago - BT writes: "Hooray for bandwidth and Canadian Government common sense. The Canadian Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry has made the decisi... | News | Tech


Steam/Netflix users to feel the pinch of Canada’s Internet UBB Policy

1709 days 8 hours ago - Canadians are up in arms against a new Internet cap policy coming into effect soon thanks to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commi... | News | Tech


Geohot: Hero or Zero?

1723 days 2 hours ago - With Geohot facing legal action, the big question is whether his actions were justified or just downright negative towards the gaming industry. | Opinion piece | PS3


Hello Avatar Kinct, Goodbye Real Life Social Skills

1729 days 6 hours ago - BT writes: "Planning on throwing away your social life skills, then Avatar Kinect is the perfect tool for you. My biggest problem with Avatar Kinec... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


WoW player kicked from guild for being deaf

1740 days 7 hours ago - It seems being deaf can actually get you into a bit of trouble with one guild in the World of Warcraft. User "Unwelcomed" explained that he recentl... | News | PC


Don’t waste your money on Black Ops pack

1751 days 3 hours ago - BT writes: "Major Nelson announced in his latest podcast that DLC for COD: Black Ops is coming up early next year February. It includes 4 multiplay... | Opinion piece | PC


Farmville For Dummies now available; the world is coming to an end

1752 days 23 hours ago - BT write: "Yes it’s official, there is a Farmville for Dummies book. The world has ended and hell has frozen over. With Farmville become so comp... | News | PC


10 Games to look forward to in 2011

1755 days 22 hours ago - 2011 is looking to be quite a good year for gaming with some massive titles dropping in the early portion of the new cycle. Here is a list of some... | Opinion piece | PC


The Perfect Racing Game Set Ups

1961 days 4 hours ago - With a few hot racers coming up in 2010 and 2011, it may be time to go from shifting with your A and Z keys to using a more realistic simulator. If... | Article | PC


Wii Fit + Butter + Stairs = Fail

1962 days 13 hours ago - It turns out that greasing your Wii Fit with butter and sliding down the stairs really isn't a good idea. | News | Wii


Super Mario World for SNES emulator running on Jailbroken iPad with WiiMote

1976 days 19 hours ago - The new iPad Jailbreak has been out for just a week and hackers have already worked on porting a number of SNES Emulator based games over to the iP... | Video | Arcade


Apple sells 1 million iPads in less than 1 month

1979 days 6 hours ago - Yes, even after much criticism, the Apple iPad has gone on to hit the 1 million mark in just 28 days. They have also noted that over 12 millions ap... | News | Tech


Google updates its Search Engine interface, they believe in prettier CSS styling now

1979 days 8 hours ago - Google has finally brought about an updated User Interface, making things look a bit more pretty and adding more functionality. | News | PC


Flash coming to Windows Phone 7 sooner than we think?

1979 days 8 hours ago - Adobe has thrown in the towel on Apple’s crazy rules and stated that they will be focusing other brands such as Google Android, RIM, HP/Palm, Micro... | Rumor | Mobile


Internet Explorer market share hits a new low of 60%

1979 days 8 hours ago - As more and more browsers pop up, Internet Explorer continues to suffer. At the end of April 2010, Net Applications stats showed that IE fell below... | News | PC


Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post
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