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EA steals from Zynga's farm crops; gets away with 10-25% playtime

1043 days 20 hours ago - Raptr, the leading social network for gamers, has released a new Raptr Report focusing on EA's blockbuster social game, The Sims Social. This repor... | News | iPhone


Raptr Report reveals 30% of Xbox 360 gamers have played a Zynga game

1058 days 18 hours ago - Raptr, a popular game tracking and social network for gamers, has released some interesting stats for Zynga games such as FarmVille and Empires &... | News | PC


Raptr Reaches 10 Million Users

1069 days 13 hours ago - It was only seven months ago when Raptr proudly announced that they wrangled together six million gamers on Raptr. Today, they reached another epic... | News | Industry


Raptr Rawrcast #5 - A look inside game tracking. Also, Greg Kasavin talks about Bastion

1128 days 1 hour ago - The Rawrcast returns with another fine episode to give you an inside look into Raptr's game tracking and how it can help you discover new titles. I... | Podcast | Xbox 360


The Walking Dead Meets Spider-Man

Now - Come join us on Filmwatch this month as we give you a chance to win the Electro Collector's Edition of Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the Limited Edition... | Promoted post

This guy won a year supply of Twinkies for playing the video game Mission Against Terror

1143 days ago - Raptr teamed up with Suba Games to give out prizes for simply playing their Mission Against Terror game. The grand prize was a year supply of Twink... | Image | PC


Raptr Rawrcast #4 – E3 highlights, Torchlight II's Max Schaefer shares thoughts on console MMO's

1160 days 8 hours ago - In this week’s podcast, Raptr looks back on some memorable E3 moments, details on massive Summer of Raptr giveaway, and upcoming "hot topic" featur... | Podcast | PC


Raptr Rawrcast #3 - CEO "Thresh" explains evolution of Raptr and interview with Mr. Destructoid

1180 days 17 hours ago - In this week’s podcast, Raptr’s CEO Dennis “Thresh” Fong shares insight on the recent launch of the newly redesigned Raptr website. Also, an exclus... | Podcast | PC


Raptr Podcast #2 - Exclusive interview with The OneUps

1193 days 1 hour ago - After a popular first episode, the Raptr podcast returns with a discussion about the phenomenon they call “the video game tragedy” and on the trend... | Podcast | Culture


Raptr Podcast: Street Fighter legend Alex Valle gives details on just how competitive he is

1218 days ago - For their first podcast episode ever, Raptr, a popular social platform for gamers talked with Street Fighter legend Alex Valle about the origins of... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Raptr implements impressive performance overhaul with new client update

1241 days 20 hours ago - Raptr has just released an all new client that greatly improves performance, resulting in a faster experience. The new 1.6 update reduces CPU usage... | News | PC


Raptr infographic auto-tracks 10 billion minutes and 150 million game achievements

1288 days 5 hours ago - According to a new infographic released by the gaming startup, over 40,000 games are now auto-tracked by the company, which is made possible by its... | News | PC


What type of gamer plays DC Universe Online? Raptr answers the question

1295 days 2 hours ago - Raptr reveals the gaming habits and games played by DC Universe Online players. The report also reveals what games had a decrease in playtime since... | Article | PC


The Raptr Community’s Favorite Games of 2010

1302 days 4 hours ago - Description: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Starcraft 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops surely took the cake for the most played games of 2010, but eve... | News | PC


WoW Cataclysm: Top player logged 149 hours in one week

1343 days 9 hours ago - Raptr has released its latest report, this time involving the popular World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The report is filled with surprising numbers in... | News | PC


Raptr giving away 250 Turbine Points to new players of D&D or LotR Online

1351 days 2 hours ago - World of Warcraft is still king of the MMO world and with the recent release of Cataclysm, it does not expect to disappoint. However, not every pl... | News | Industry


Raptr giving away free year subscription to World of Warcraft for liking its FaceBook

1352 days 4 hours ago - With World of Warcraft: Catacylsm finally here, millions of World of Warcraft players are scramming to reactivate their subscriptions to try out th... | News | PC


FPS Battle Royale: Is Black Ops now on top?

1370 days 8 hours ago - Call of Duty: Black Ops earned more than $650 million worldwide within its first week of launch. Did that equal more game-time than Modern Warfare... | News | PC


The history of the Capcom/Valve zombie achievement war

1392 days 8 hours ago - Raptr analyzes one of the most interesting exchanges of gaming achievements between Capcom's Dead Rising series and Valve's Left 4 Dead. Both games... | News | PC


Modern Warfare 2, Halo: Reach MP unfazed by Medal of Honor launch

1395 days ago - Early gameplay reports from Raptr suggest that that Medal of Honor may have misfired in its initial week. Game-time with EA's newest FPS hasn't aff... | News | Xbox 360


Red Dead Redemption vs. Mafia 2 – Which gameplay style did gamers embrace more?

1400 days 4 hours ago - Gaming-centric social network Raptr recently released interesting data points on its blog discussing gamers' tendencies of Take Two's sandbox title... | News | Xbox 360


Abyss Odyssey (360) Review

Now - Dave tackles this weird hack and slash title. | Promoted post
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