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Far Cry 3 is a living exercise in dark tourism

1075 days 21 hours ago - Bitmob - I used to own a Transformers-branded wallet made of synthetic material, complete with Velcro straps, for around three years. It had everyt... | Opinion piece | PC


Xenogears' story deserves a complete makeover

1076 days 16 hours ago - Bitmob - So I sat in a chair ... a lot. I couldn't wait to play through the second disc of Xenogears. The main characters already survived a ser... | Opinion piece | Culture


2012: The year of player choice in games

1076 days 17 hours ago - Bitmob - This was another fantastic year for video games. The console cycle has been winding down, and developers (both indie and triple-A) are squ... | Opinion piece | Culture


Don't expect much from the Wii U's tablet controller

1076 days 17 hours ago - Bitmob - Reviewers are extremely intrigued by the thrilling potential of this tablet. They shouldn’t be. We actually already know what game develop... | Opinion piece | Wii U


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight and its hidden gem: Brazen

1078 days 15 hours ago - Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight is an interesting process, stopping work on existing projects and letting anybody in the company pitch a game, with... | Article | PC


Talking Nintendo consoles welcome the Wii U

1079 days 13 hours ago - Bitmob - Imagine that all of your gaming systems talked to each other and were like a family. Buying a new console would be like the arrival of a n... | Videocast | Wii U


Spike TV's Video Game Awards' existence is justified

1079 days 15 hours ago - The many valid complaints about Spike TV's award show ultimately don't matter because this is what its target audience wants. | Opinion piece | PC


Beyond Good & Evil and why happy endings aren't always good

1079 days 17 hours ago - See why one player believes the ending to Beyond Good & Evil is so wrong. | Opinion piece | PS2


Composer Michael Giacchino's Medal of Honor soundtracks are perfect for Pearl Harbor Day

1081 days 2 hours ago - Bitmob - December 7th means a lot to me. My brother's birthday is today, for one thing. It's just 10 days before my own, too. But mostly I remember... | Opinion piece | Culture


Gamer Girl: accolade or insult

1081 days 6 hours ago - Bitmob - The stereotype is "Only guys play video games," and the stereotype is wrong. Women do play video games. They always have. We can't and... | Article | Culture


How Spec Ops: The Line risks pushing video game narratives too far

1081 days 6 hours ago - Bitmob - Recently, a video game made me want to put down the controller and walk away. It wasn’t due to frustration or boredom either, but because... | Opinion piece | PC


I finally finished a game (maybe)

1082 days 15 hours ago - Bitmob Writer Evan Killham, who hasn't completed a game in three months, does so. He's not sure how to feel about it. | Article | PC


See a goomba's life flash before his eyes

1083 days 2 hours ago - Bitmob - You've probably stomped on a thousand goombas without thinking of the consequences, but did you ever stop to think that those little guys... | Article | Culture


Collector's Edition games really aren't that special

1083 days 2 hours ago - Bitmob - Recently, I picked up one of the 10,000 special edition copies of Persona 4: Golden. It was a pre-order-only item, and apparently they sol... | Opinion piece | Culture


The yearlong quest to finish Xenogears

1083 days 13 hours ago - See if a Japanese-role-playing-game fan's yearlong quest through Xenogears lived up to his expectations. | Opinion piece | Culture


3 ways Skrillex is bringing dubstep music to gamers

1083 days 15 hours ago - Dubstep musician Skrillex appears to be making a big effort to expand his reach among video game fans. | Article | PC


Video games and relationships: It's complicated

1083 days 15 hours ago - It’s best to focus less on the individual’s interests and more on who they are as a person. After all, just because they love video games doesn’t m... | Article | PC


How a single gun thwarted the entire point of Borderlands 2

1084 days 15 hours ago - One writer finds a favorite among Borderlands 2's bazillions of guns. | Opinion piece | PC


How I overcame my PSP ignorance and learned to love a dead system

1086 days 6 hours ago - "I’m probably a little late here. The PlayStation Portable was released over seven years ago here in the US, the Vita is coming up o... | Opinion piece | PSP


Are we squandering our ability to interact directly with developers?

1086 days 16 hours ago - Access to modern online social networks has made it easier than ever to get in touch with our game development heroes. Unfortunately, some rude peo... | Opinion piece | PC


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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