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HTC Apologises For Causing Half-Life Confusion

27 days 7 hours ago - HTC's chairwoman has apologised for suggesting a Half-life video game was being developed for her firm's virtual reality helmet. | News | PC


Video games need same 'cultural' status as TV and film

108 days 19 hours ago - Video games should be officially classified as cultural products equal to TV, film and animation, according to UK developers. Industry body Tig... | Article | Culture


Black Friday: Amazon UK has 'busiest day on record'

120 days 13 hours ago - Black Friday was the busiest day on record for online retailer Amazon UK, with sales that "surpassed all expectations", the company has said. | News | Industry


Assassin's Creed: Unity criticised for widespread glitches

136 days 6 hours ago - BBC News: Wide-ranging glitches in the blockbuster video game Assassin's Creed: Unity have seen its publisher Ubisoft attacked by players, the pres... | News | PC


Battlefield Hardline (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest in the Battlefield series. | Promoted post

Call of Duty: The controversies and sales

147 days 1 hour ago - "It's a big day in the gaming calendar as Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches. The game follows 10 other major console releases in the series,... | Article | Culture


Zoe Quinn: GamerGate must be condemned

151 days 16 hours ago - Games publishers and industry figures must "stand-up and condemn" the movement referred to as "GamerGate", developer Zoe Quinn has told the BBC.... | News | Culture


Noriega fails to sue Call of Duty

152 days 14 hours ago - A judge has dismissed a legal action brought by Manuel Noriega, the former dictator of Panama, against the publisher of the Call of Duty video game... | News | Industry


Minecraft map of the UK upgraded to include houses

188 days 4 hours ago - A map featuring the UK made entirely of Minecraft blocks has had an upgrade. Created by Ordnance Survey (OS), the original map re-created 224,00... | Article | PC


Gamers take a stand against misogyny after death threats

209 days 4 hours ago - More than 2,000 people have signed an open letter calling for an end to discrimination in the gaming industry. It came in response to death thre... | News | Industry


A little video gaming 'linked to well-adjusted children'

238 days ago - Playing video games for a short period each day could have a small but positive impact on child development, a study by Oxford University suggests. | Article | Culture


Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world

285 days 14 hours ago - "Whether they are chatting to their friends on Xbox Live or FaceTime or viewing their profiles on Instagram, these days it seems that there is alwa... | Article | Mobile


Why does sexism persist in the video games industry?

288 days 18 hours ago - Is creating female video game characters too much work? That might sound like a rhetorical question, but it was actually one of the main topics... | Article | Culture


Xbox One ad is switching on Microsoft consoles

290 days 16 hours ago - Xbox One owners are complaining that a new TV advert is switching their consoles on without their permission. The ad - featuring Breaking Bad's Aar... | News | Xbox One


Valve delays Steam Machine controller to 2015

306 days 1 hour ago - Valve has delayed the launch of its Steam Machine video games PCs until next year at the earliest. The US-based firm said it needed more time to... | News | Tech


Internet Archive puts classic 70s and 80s games online

458 days 7 hours ago - We've always been able to play retro games online, but now they're available through the internet archive. | News | Retro


PlayStation 4 'starting to sell out' (UK)

486 days ago - Sony's PlayStation 4 was launched in the UK at midnight and is already "starting to sell out". In a statement to the BBC a Sony spokesman said:... | News | PS4


Microsoft acknowledges Xbox problem

490 days 17 hours ago - Microsoft has acknowledged that owners of its new Xbox One console are experiencing problems with the disc drive. Some users say the drive is ma... | News | Xbox One


Consoles: One box to rule them all?

493 days 9 hours ago - A titanic battle for the living room is under way, as Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 try to offer us the all-purpose device that wil... | Article | PS4


BBC Reviews Sony's PlayStation 4

500 days 10 hours ago - Sony's next-generation console, the PlayStation 4, is due to be released in the US on 15 November 2013. The console has 8GB of system memory, 50... | Review | PS4


PlayStation 4 v Xbox One: Experts on next-gen battle

501 days 2 hours ago - The release of the PlayStation 4 in North America - it goes on sale in Europe and Latin America in a fortnight - is seen by many as the true dawn f... | Article | PS4


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out this PSP remaster, yes I said PSP. | Promoted post

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