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BagoGames | Ready For Round 4?: Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Review

7 hours ago - BagoGames Overall, Smash Bros for Wii U is an amazing must-buy title for any Nintendo or Smash Bros fan. Definitely something to have in your Wi... | Review | Wii U


Cut From The Same Cloth: Samurai Warriors 4 Review - Bagogames

4 days 3 hours ago - Tecmo Koei has brought another solid Warriors game into the next generation | Review | PS3


BagoGames | Never Alone Review

6 days 8 hours ago - BagoGames Never Alone is simply one of the better platformers I have played in quite some time. Grounded in a solid, well worn, platforming pack... | Review | PS4


BagoGames | Grand Theft Auto V Review

8 days 13 hours ago - BagoGames GTA V is an epic game with a vast world of unparalleled detail that looked and played incredibly well on PS3 and is elevated on PS4 to... | Review | PS4


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BagoGames | Zak's Buzzing Adventure: Flyhunter's Origins

9 days 3 hours ago - BagoGames I was taken back slightly when I heard that Flyhunter Origins, the debut game from new independent game studio Steel Wool Games, was c... | Review | PC


Next-Gen Fell Flat In 2014, But It Can Pick Itself Up Back Up Again

9 days 22 hours ago - Everyone seems to have their takeaway from 2014. I know some who think of it as an excellent first step; still others regard it as a total flop. If... | Opinion piece | Industry


Hail To The Chief: Halo Master Chief Collection Review - Bagogames

11 days 16 hours ago - 343 Studios gives Halo fans a reason to own an Xbox One. In fact it gives fans 5 huge reasons. | Review | Xbox One


5 Series That Need The Dynasty Warriors Treatment

14 days 15 hours ago - Tecmo Koei recently turned an old staple in gaming into something extremely new and different for the franchise. Hyrule Warriors has gotten great r... | Opinion piece | Culture


BagoGames | The Legend of Korra Review

14 days 17 hours ago - Overall, we think The Legend of Korra is a game almost every fan will adore, despite low reviews from other critics. It may not be a full $60 game... | Review | Xbox One


Are You Getting Your Money's Worth From Gamestop?

17 days 14 hours ago - While GameStop claims to give “power to the players”, do they really? Do they truly offer a “best-in-class company loyalty program”, or does the pr... | Opinion piece | Culture


BagoGames | Goddess of War: Bayonetta 2 Review

19 days 14 hours ago - There an impossible number of ways to describe a game like Bayonetta 2. Sexy, confident, and especially brutal, Platinum Games’ darling action hero... | Review | Wii U


A Game of Thanksgiving: The Games We're Thankful For

29 days 6 hours ago - The leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter. Yes, that time for thankful thoughts that we call Thanksgiving here in the States is roun... | Opinion piece | Culture


BagoGames | Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Review

29 days 15 hours ago - Smash Bros. for 3DS may be the fourth game in the series but it’s the first instalment to be released for a handheld device. Whilst Smash on the go... | Review | 3DS


BagoGames | Getting Better All the Time: Destiny Review

39 days 17 hours ago - The impossibly grandiose scope of sensationalist advertisements and enthusiastic game previews has radically change the way we anticipate games and... | Review | PS4


Gamers Unscripted Episode 8 - Better Behaved than Steve

42 days 6 hours ago - Episode 8 of Gamers Unscripted features Normii477 of Knuckleballer Radio and Zombie Cast News. The crew cover a wide range of topics during the hou... | Podcast | PC


The Ultimate Borderlands 3 Wish-List

46 days 3 hours ago - Let’s get one thing straight: Borderlands‘ “Pre-Sequel” did a lot of things right, but Borderlands 2 is practically legendary in it’s re-playabili... | Opinion piece | PC


Alien: Isolation Review | Bagogames

54 days 23 hours ago - A great horror game with some minor issues in AI, glitches and length, Alien: Isolation is still a worthy experience for any Alien fan or survival... | Review | PC


50 Reasons To Get Super Hyped for Smash Bros. on Wii U

56 days ago - Super Smash Bros is a rousing success on handhelds and it’s fighting its way onto consoles this holiday. Bigger, better, prettier, the series is ey... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Gamers Unscripted Podcast - Episode 7 - Wacky Chips

56 days 23 hours ago - Episode Seven of Gamers Unscripted features guest co-host Ind1fference from the Game Enthus podcast. The crew talks about their Extra Life experien... | Podcast | PC


Skylanders Trap Team Review | BagoGames

58 days 8 hours ago - The Holiday season is right around the corner and Skylanders Trap Team will without a doubt be a Holiday success. Kids and adults alike gravitate t... | Review | Xbox One


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