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Is Microsoft Giving up on Console Visual Superiority?

2479 days 20 hours ago - BadAssGamer Writes: "When it comes to pushing what is possible on a console, it seems as of late that Microsoft has 'taken the back foot'... | Article | 11


Killzone 2 is still the best looking PS3 game.

2481 days 1 hour ago - BadAssGamer: "God of War III may be a great looking game as it is now, but it is still a long shot away from claiming the title of the be... | Article | 1


God Of War 3, To set the New Visual Benchmark?

2481 days 19 hours ago - BadAssGamer: "Considering the fact that the trailer and screenshots are from the Fall 2008 build of the game, and are still a work in pro... | Article | 1


Resident Evil 5 - Where's the Fun?

2488 days 4 hours ago - BadassGamer writes: "Having played the Resident Evil 5 demo, for quite a while, I am left with a question in my mind and a total unsatisf... | Article | 1


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BadassGamer Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

2488 days 15 hours ago - Badassgamer writes "The demo consists of the first 2 sections of the Corinth River level, the very first level in the game. The opening cin... | Article | 1


Killzone 2 Review Bias?

2492 days 6 hours ago - Badassgamer writes: "Killzone 2, the highly anticipated Sony's Playstation 3 Sci-fi First Person Shooter has been reviewed by countless o... | Article | 1


Killzone 2 lives up to the Hype

2493 days 15 hours ago - Badass gamer writes: "Every since the very unveiling of the Killzone 2 2005 E3 trailer, there has been unbelievable levels of hype for th... | Article | 1

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