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Gundam Battle Universe coming to Japan in July

2309 days 12 hours ago - The new Gundam game called Gundam Battle Universe is coming out in Japan for July 17th. Some new multiplayer screens are available. | Image | 4


Ikki Tôsen coming to USA on PSP ?

2310 days 13 hours ago - Do you remember of the false announce of Gamefly about Star Ocean ? The games were planned on Gamefly but Square Enix had not put the "Star O... | News | 4


SSBB: 3 million in the USA

2310 days 14 hours ago - JF Writes: "Three million, it is the figure which already Super Bros Smash reached. Brawl on the level of the sales, and this only in the USA.... | News | 3,13


The Legend of Heroes VI the 3rd : first PSP's trailer and screenshots

2310 days 19 hours ago - Falcom has released the first PSP Trailer of The Legend of Heroes VI the 3rd. You can find it on Liveplayportable with the first PSP Screenshots. | News | 4


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

LivePlayportable Preview : Hammerin' Harry

2312 days 15 hours ago - Available since this week in Japan, Hammerin' Harry is the remake of a famous action game come out on Nes and Super Nes. Today, the french we... | Preview | 4


Bleach 5 : videos and images

2317 days 7 hours ago - Two new characters, in Bleach Heat the Soul 5, have been revealed : Gin and Aizen. Videos and images can be watched on a french web site, LivePl... | Video | 4


Suigetsu Portable is arriving on PSP

2318 days 16 hours ago - Sony's PSP is known for its "eroge" (erotic games). Good Navigate is going to sell Suigetsu Portable in Japan. Suigetsu Portable is... | Image | 4


Tengaï Makyo Collection and Ginja Ôjô-sama Densetsu Collection : images and official websites

2318 days 18 hours ago - Two compilations will be released in July in Japan by Hudson : Tengaï Makyo Collection and Ginja Ôjô-sama Densetsu Collection. Two... | News | 4


Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper : new video

2319 days 13 hours ago - The new adaptation of Fate/stay is shown in a new video. A new character is revealed : Yliasveil von Einzbern. | Video | 4


Gundam Battle Universe : new screens

2324 days 20 hours ago - Liveplayportable offers new images of Gundam Battle Universe. Namco Bandai has announced this new episode for july. | Image | 4


The First Logitech Driving Force GT Review

2326 days 11 hours ago - The first review of the new Logitech Driving Force GT on the net, from | Review | 1,12


Memories Off : 5 games on PSP

2327 days 15 hours ago - Two Memories Off were planned to be adapted on PSP. Liveplayportable confirms today that CyberFront is going to do five Memories Off on PSP : Memor... | Image | 4


Monster Hunter Festa 08

2328 days 12 hours ago - Since last week, the Monster Hunter Festa 08 has begun. After Fukuoka, that's the turn of Tokyo. Like you'll see on the photos, lots of players w... | News | 4


Portable Magna Carta images and videos

2329 days 10 hours ago - Images and videos for Magna Carta Portable is arriving soon in Europe, that's confirmed by the PEGI. | News | 4


Konami loves Baseball

2329 days 18 hours ago - The society continues to develop its serie Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu on PSP. Today, new screens of the third episode have been showed. You c... | Image | 4


Ikki Tôsen on PSP

2330 days 12 hours ago - Ikki Tousen, a famous japanese anime, is going to be adapted on PSP. It would be a beat'em all whose characters risk to interest lots of players... | News | 4


Pending Ape Quest

2331 days 18 hours ago - While patiently awaiting a date for the release of Ape Quest, the site LivePlayPortable publishes a series of new images of RPG Sony whose heroes a... | News | 4


Mana Khemia Portable + Preview

2331 days 19 hours ago - LivePlayPortable has released a preview of Mana Khemia Portable +. The title, developed by Gust and edited by Nis America, will be released the n... | Preview | 4


Star Wars Unleashed : free renders

2332 days ago - Star Wars is an extraordinary universe whose characters are plentiful and charismatic. Official web site of The Force Unleashed contains lots of re... | Image | 1,2,3,4,5,9


155 images for Tir Nan Og

2332 days 15 hours ago - Liveplayportable shows more than 150 images of Tir Nan Og, the new System Soft's RPG | News | 4


Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC) Review

Now - Drew returns to the land of Risen to hack and slash some more. | Promoted post

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