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Bastion - 2011 XBLA Game of the Year?

1365 days 14 hours ago - Bastion was released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade last month as part of Microsoft's 2011 Summer of Arcade event but it could easily be one of the best g... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Fruit Ninja Kinect Wins Favorite Game of 2011 in My House

1365 days 15 hours ago - Jason Gallagher of 'Associated Content' writes: "The winner for game of the year in my particular house is: Fruit Ninja Kinect. The collective gasp... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Five Games Nintendo Needs to Make for the New Wii-U

1368 days 7 hours ago - AC - The next generation of video games arrives with the launch of the Wii-U in 2012. While details have been limited, gamers got a peek into the c... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Unfair Stereotypes of Hardcore Gamers

1368 days 7 hours ago - AC - While I don't think there will ever be a definition of what a "hardcore" gamer is that everyone can agree upon, there are certainly unfair ste... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Witcher 3

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LA Noire: The Best Game of 2011 (So far)

1390 days 14 hours ago - We are now in the month of August, which means the year is already more than halfway completed. I know it's shocking. In the gaming media, there is... | Opinion piece | PC


Retail Business Against Digital Business

1391 days 15 hours ago - Remember a time when you'd camp out in front of your local gaming or movie store because a new game/console or movie was about to be released at mi... | Opinion piece | Wii


Top 10 Co-Op Games for Xbox 360

1400 days 19 hours ago - From Associated Content: "One of the great innovations of this last console generation was the ability to include true online cooperative play in s... | Article | Xbox 360


Shovelware Games: Good for the Video Game Industry

1425 days 4 hours ago - Don't you just hate all of these crappy shovelware games that are released at a rate of dozens upon dozens per month? Titles such as Wicked Monster... | Article | Culture


"Casual" and "Hardcore" Gamers Aren't All That Different

1426 days 15 hours ago - From Associated Content: "Hardcore gamers play games in a hardcore fashion. That is to say, a lot. Casual gamers play much more--dare I say it--c... | Opinion piece | Wii


Why the NES is Still My Favorite Video Game Console

1483 days 2 hours ago - AC: It was the year 1985 when the Nintendo Entertainment System (lovingly known as the NES) emerged in the United States. I wasn't even born yet, t... | Article | Retro


A Look at Some of the Highly Anticipated Role-Playing Games Coming Out in 2011

1483 days 4 hours ago - AC: The role-playing game genre is perhaps more popular than it ever has been, after many great RPGs were released in 2010. 2011 looks to continue... | Opinion piece | Culture


PlayStation 2: The Game-changer

1483 days 4 hours ago - AC: Can a Ten-year Old Games Console Be Considered as the Best of All Time? What with the high-definition 3D motion-controlled, online-compatibl... | Article | PS2


Is the Future of Video Gaming Moving Toward 3-D?

1493 days 6 hours ago - AC: Do you remember back in 1995 when Nintendo released the Virtual Boy? Virtual boy was the first game system to display 3-D graphics, even though... | Article | Culture

AC: Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Review

1493 days 12 hours ago - AC: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. It's one of the longest titles you'll read on any cover art, matched only by its sister Clancy games alr... | Review | 3DS


Top MMORPGs for the Apple iPhone

1493 days 12 hours ago - AC: True, you won't find World of Warcraft, Runescape, or Everquest on the iPhone. While there certainly are apps catering to the fans of these gam... | Opinion piece | iPhone


10 Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Tips

1493 days 13 hours ago - AC: Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is the latest installment in the Ghosts Recon series, and is available exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Shadow wars is... | Article | 3DS


AC - Mortal Kombat Review: Start Drooling

1493 days 16 hours ago - AC - As a person that has played the original Mortal Kombat, several installments of Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Killer... | Review | Xbox 360


AC - Portal 2 Review

1493 days 17 hours ago - AC - I recently shared a dinner table with the CEO of the Jefferson Awards for Public Service Organization. He asked me, "Why aren't videogames mor... | Review | PC


7 Must-Have iPhone Games

1493 days 19 hours ago - AC: It's hard to limit this list down to 7, with the hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store. But anyone who uses his or her iPhone regularl... | Opinion piece | iPhone


GameFly, is it Right for You?

1503 days 17 hours ago - AC - One of the most aggravating things as a gamer is the financial burden it poses. Games cost $60 new now-a-days, and that sure isn't anything to... | Article | Culture


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