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AoF Review| Assassin's Creed 3 A Let Down?

818 days 3 hours ago - Addict of Fiction takes a look at Assassin's Creed 3, was the game all it was hyped up to be? | Review | PC


AoF Review| Giana Sisters

830 days 8 hours ago - Addict of Fiction's Jared Thomson takes a gander at Giana Sisters a charming platformer that takes them on a nostalgia trip | Review | PC


The Lost Crown To Get Two Sequels

833 days 21 hours ago - More sequels! Hit horror game the Lost Crown is set to get two sequels, Addict of Fiction reveals. | News | PC


Is It Bad This Is The Only Playable Woman In Call of Duty?

835 days 7 hours ago - Addict of Fiction takes consideration of the only playable female in call of duty, is this a step in the right direction or is it insignificant? | Opinion piece | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Strike Suit Zero Starts Kickstarter

835 days 12 hours ago - One more for the pile, is this news anymore? | News | PC


My Love-Hate Relationship With Peter Molyneux

836 days 1 hour ago - Addict of Fiction take a look at gaming star Peter Molyneux, and think of the times we've had, good, bad, and ugly. | Opinion piece | Culture


Pussy Flip Goes Global (No Really)

836 days 11 hours ago - Well there's something you don't see everyday... A small iOS game filled with cat puns has hit global markets apparently. | News | iPhone


Hideo Kojima Is Planning Next UK Trip

836 days 12 hours ago - Looks like Hideo Kojima had a great time in the UK, Addict of Fiction also get the scoop on Zone of the Enders. | Interview | Xbox 360


Zen United To Offer "A Kind of Reward" To Patient Persona 4 Fans

836 days 12 hours ago - Addict of Fiction gets told about how Zen United want to give a kind of apology for the delay on Persona 4 | Interview | Xbox 360


AceyBongos Talks HALO 4

836 days 12 hours ago - Addict of Fiction hear about big plans coming upto the HALO 4 launch! | Interview | Xbox 360


DotEmu and SEGA offer 92% Saving

836 days 17 hours ago - Looks like SEGA are offering a huge saving on some classic titles with DotEmu! | News | PC


Darkstalkers Resurrection Allows Upload To Youtube From Game

836 days 22 hours ago - Capcom talk Dalkstalkers Resurrection talk about their upcoming game at Play Expo, while we get hands on. | Interview | Xbox 360


AoF Review| Bromance Was Never So Nice Zombiesaurus Review

837 days 2 hours ago - Addict of Fiction take a look at the latest installment to A world of Keflings | Review | Xbox 360


Play Expo: Gaming and Cosplay United?

838 days 12 hours ago - Addict of Fiction take a look at Play Expo and consider if gaming and cosplay are ready to merge or not. As well as talk about some great new (An... | Article | Culture


AoF Interview| Special Effect Charity - Who Are They?

841 days 15 hours ago - Addict of Fiction interview Special Effect a gaming charity that should be much more well known than they are. | Interview | Culture


Bad Piggies Changes Angry Birds For The Better

843 days 1 hour ago - Addict of Fiction take a look at what the bad piggies update offers to the Angry Bird franchise, and question if it's fair to insult the franchise. | Opinion piece | Mobile

The Most Ambitious Legit Minecraft Project Yet?

843 days 1 hour ago - Addict of Fiction takes a look at what is sure to be the most ambitious minecraft project to date. It's all done without world edit too. | News | PC


Borderlands 2 Glitch Charges Over 4 Billion Microsoft Points For Co-Op

844 days 2 hours ago - Addict of Fiction hear reports of broken DLC that offers to give people microsoft points, then attempts to charge them over 4 billion! | News | Xbox 360


AoF Review| World Of Keflings DLC - Short Simple Fun

844 days 3 hours ago - Addict of Fiction look at the new DLC for A world of Keflings and share their thoughts. | Review | Xbox 360


AoF Preview| Black Ops 2 Same Issues?

844 days 5 hours ago - Addict of Fiction looks at Black Ops 2 and gives a little light on what separates the game, not much apparently. | Preview | Xbox 360


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

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