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Build Your PS3 Library For Less

2266 days 23 hours ago - Addicted Gamer: Ahhh, Greatest Hits titles. Love or hate the redesigned packaging, Greatest Hits titles are a super way to build your game library... | Article | 1


King of Fighters XII Box Art Vote

2294 days 12 hours ago - Addicted Gamer: Are you one of those people who are crazy in love with Japanese authenticity? If so, it's time for you to make yourself heard. Igni... | News | 1,2


3D Gaming: Interesting or Unnecessary?

2313 days 12 hours ago - "Today it was announced that Resident Evil 5 will launch for the PC this summer. Not only that, but it will do so supporting NVIDIA's new GeFo... | Article | 12


Will the PS3 Ever Dominate the Market?

2314 days 23 hours ago - Jeff Saporito: If it becomes the king in 3-5 more years, it'll only be because everyone else on the planet already has their 360 or Wii, and they'l... | Article | 1


Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

25 Vintage Video Game Ads

2467 days 18 hours ago - Addicted Gamer: From time to time we need to look at our history to truely understand our present. Since I cannot build a time machine, I wanted to... | Image | 11


12 Most Useful Links for a World of Warcraft Addict

2490 days 14 hours ago - AddictedGamer: As World of Warcraft has grown into a behemoth of an MMO, development of third party websites is at full force. Blizzard has made vi... | Article | 12


17 Features Every Shooter Must Have

2490 days 19 hours ago - AddictedGamer: From time to time every gamer is faced with a tough decision, and that is how to pick one shooter over another. During these hardshi... | Article | 11


Top 10 NES Games (Playable right now)

2507 days ago - AddictedGamer: If you ever feel like you need to be slapped back to the classics, here is your chance. Compiled for your enjoyment is a list of the... | Article | 11

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