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Warlock 2: The Exiled – game review (ActionRadius)

395 days ago - In the recent years, more developers and gamers have started to return to turn based strategy games with the decline in fame of real time strategy... | Review | PC


Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z – game review (ActionRadius)

413 days 22 hours ago - Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z could have been a fun game for all the wrong moral reasons but sadly the game falls short even with its initial impressive lo... | Review | PC


Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 – game review (ActionRadius)

426 days 23 hours ago - Castlevania: Lord of Shadows is a hard game to talk about without spoiling its story. It has one the more complex twists and turns than your averag... | Review | PC


Titanfall – Video Review (ActionRadius)

433 days 9 hours ago - Respawn entertainment debuts their first game with features cherry picked from contemporary shooters to bring us a pure adrenalined filled and unad... | Review | PC


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Zoo Tycoon – Xbox review (ActionRadius)

467 days 16 hours ago - It was weird this time to see the reboot of the game released only on Xbox One and Xbox 360, considering that the game is a tycoon simulator norma... | Review | Xbox 360


Poof vs Cursed Kitty – game review (ActionRadius)

528 days 10 hours ago - Poof vs Cursed Kitty is a mix of platforming and tower defense that will take you back to the old days of Flash games when games used to be arcadis... | Review | PC


Timelines: Assault on America – game review (ActionRadius)

540 days 1 hour ago - The game is set in an alternate history when in 1942 Hitler gets assassinated by US commandos. This agitates the Germans to make an alliance with J... | Review | PC


NFS: The Rivals – video review (ActionRadius)

545 days 8 hours ago - Need for Speed may have had a rough patch before but things are looking pretty good for Rivals as the game’s all new multiplayer immersion system i... | Review | PC


Battlefield 4 – game review (ActionRadius)

549 days 21 hours ago - Battlefield 3 was a really successful game for DICE as it was able to split open the individual kingship of Call of Duty in first person shooter ge... | Review | PC


The Inner World – game review (ActionRadius)

554 days 11 hours ago - There has been no lack of point and click adventure games this year thanks to loads of smaller studios who get attention nowadays thanks to Steam a... | Review | PC


Batman: Arkham Origins – video review (ActionRadius)

557 days 8 hours ago - The latest and most probably the last of Arkham series of Batman games is with us as we get a chance to play and younger although already well equi... | Review | PC


Doorways – game review (ActionRadius)

560 days 5 hours ago - Doorways present itself as a survival horror game but it more about exploration than anything else. The game setting lets you fit in the role of a... | Review | PC


BlackGuards – game review (ActionRadius)

561 days 16 hours ago - Daedelic games is most famous for their point and click adventure games, but with BlackGuards they are trying to break out of their mold by giving... | Review | PC


Call of Duty: Ghosts – video review (ActionRadius)

563 days 1 hour ago - Call of Duty’s annual sequel is out now and this time its a whole new chapter in the series with brand new characters and story. But will this iter... | Review | PC


Forced – game review (ActionRadius)

574 days 8 hours ago - BetaDwarf will be a new developer name for all, but they have made a hell of a debut game which will be a blast to play for sure. Even though from... | Review | PC


Total War: Rome 2 – game review (ActionRadius)

578 days 7 hours ago - It took ActionRadius bit of the time to get the review out for Total War: Rome 2, the reason being the weekly patches Creative Assembly started rel... | Review | PC


Bionic Dues – game review (ActionRadius)

582 days 2 hours ago - Bionic Dues is a semi-turn based tactical game from Arcen Games famous for their games like AI war and procedurally generated A valley without wind... | Review | PC


Escape Goat – game review (ActionRadius)

585 days ago - Escape Goat is a pixelated puzzle game from MagicalTimeBean released recently on Steam after success on X360. The game may put off many people with... | Review | PC


Shadow Warrior (2013) – game review (ActionRadius)

593 days 15 hours ago - Shadow Warrior makes a come back from the 90s as a modern first person shooter with roots set in old fashioned gameplay with pure guns and gore pow... | Review | PC


(ActionRadius) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition – game review

612 days 23 hours ago - Castlevania had been a hallmark game in the old platforming world providing a semi-open world experience when only 2D linear levels existed which w... | Review | PC


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