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Acidmods moves a few buttons and a joystick on Xbox 360 controller

1754 days 14 hours ago - Engadget: Hey, not all mods are outlandish and creepy. Some are just plain old... utilitarian. Acidmods got a request for a modded Xbox 360 control... | Image | 2


PSP gets DualShock 2 controller mod

1808 days 23 hours ago - One of the regular complaints about the Sony PSP is its lack of dual analog sticks. Rather than berate Sony about it, however, one enterprising ga... | Video | 4


PSP + 360 Chatpad = PSP Laptop

1875 days 20 hours ago - Someone took a 360 chatpad and modded a psp to make a DIY laptop. Not sure how useful but still pretty neat. | Article | 4


Voice Recognition Controllers

2368 days 6 hours ago - Imagine you being mobility impared and every day of your childhood had to accept the fact that you are unable to play games like other children. Wo... | Video | 2


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Self Playing Guitar Hero Robot

2379 days 3 hours ago - So you think you're the Guitar Hero master? Step down kiddo; you ain't Slash, and you ain't got shit on CyberPyrot's robot induced high score. Well... | Video | 1,2,3,9,14


Virtual PSP Modder now ready for beta testing

2538 days 7 hours ago - Hi Guys, Here is a Sneak Peak of the Virtual PSP Modder Program... | News | 4,14


PSP Sound Moficiation Tutorial

2649 days 8 hours ago - This is the wiring diagram for the pulse to sound mod for the PSP. This mod will require advanced soldering and PSP disassembly. | Article | 4


PS2 controller frankengrafted to PSP

2700 days 6 hours ago - A user by the name of F00 f00 has managed to successfully graft a full size PlayStation 2 controller to the rear end of his PSP. "This mo... | News | 4

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