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AceGamez: Cities XL Review

2162 days 19 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "What I have come to learn about my architectural skills as a city builder is that I always play it safe. I always zone neat,... | Review | 12


AceGamez: EyePet Review

2162 days 19 hours ago - Despite of all the negative and contradictory evidence that the mainstream press likes to focus on, there are times when videogames can bring famil... | Review | 1


AceGamez: Gran Turismo (PSP) Review

2162 days 19 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "Growing up, every little boy had a box of tiny matchbox cars they used to spend hours playing with. We'd make exaggerated &q... | Review | 4


AceGamez: Beaterator Review

2163 days 12 hours ago - In a modern music industry, Hip Hop and R'n'B music have become the staple genres for America. Acts like Jay-Z and Rihanna have created a new breed... | Review | 4


This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

AceGamez: Championship Manager 2010 Review

2163 days 14 hours ago - Sir Alex Ferguson is trouble again. Not content with official Martin Atkinson bending the laws of space and injury time to allow Micheal Owen to cu... | Review | 12


AceGamez: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

2163 days 15 hours ago - Operation Flashpoint has always been one of the more exclusive games in the FPS pack, an absolute nightmare of a simulation shooter with an insanel... | Review | 1,2,12


AceGamez: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Review

2163 days 15 hours ago - Pro Evo and FIFA; you just can't talk about one without mentioning the other. Anyone with even a passing interest in the beautiful game, this rival... | Review | 1,2


AceGamez: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

2163 days 16 hours ago - AceGamez writes: "It's not until recent times that I truly became a man. This isn't because I was Prepubescent a year or two ago, on the contr... | Review | 2


AceGamez: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

2163 days 16 hours ago - If revenge is a dish best served cold, then Nathan Drake is taking things a tad literally in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The story begins with Nath... | Review | 1


FIFA 10 PS3 Review AceGamez

2183 days 22 hours ago - Right from the kick-off one thing is perfectly clear. FIFA 10 is, without doubt, the best videogame simulation of the sport of football, soccer, fu... | Review | 1


Need for Speed: Shift PS3 Review AceGamez

2183 days 22 hours ago - Electronic Arts talent for redesign has one giant asterisk against it. Every year the company proudly roles a shiny new model in its Need for Speed... | Review | 1


Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Xbox 360 Review AceGamez

2183 days 22 hours ago - The developers of racing titles have a conundrum on their hands when trying to create an experience that is both authentic to appease gear heads, w... | Review | 2


Order of War Review AceGamez

2183 days 22 hours ago - There is one very good reason as to why most Real Time Strategy games often focus their efforts on waging small scale digital warfare, and it's sim... | Review | 12


Acegamez Review: Aion

2185 days 16 hours ago - It's no surprise, then, that when a game hits upon the winning formula, it's very hard to break away and try something new. Recognising the dominat... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez: East India Company Review

2230 days 14 hours ago - Ace Gamez: There's enough to like about East India Company to recommend it to those that prefer the economic trading aspect of strategy games... | Review | 12


Ace Gamez Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

2253 days 23 hours ago - AG writes: "Reviewing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a tricky business. On the one hand it's an extremely playable golf game with near faultless c... | Review | 1,2,3,4,5,9


Ace Gamez Review: Fight Night Round 4

2253 days 23 hours ago - AG writes: "There's something to be said for the newcomer who, undeterred by a lack of experience, steps into the ring with just as much ambit... | Review | 1,2


Ace Gamez Review: The Conduit

2253 days 23 hours ago - If you expected The Conduit to be the Wii's Halo 3 or Gear of War 2, then prepare for a major disappointment. As a Wii game it's way beyond every o... | Review | 3


Ace Gamez Review: Demon's Souls

2253 days 23 hours ago - Demon's Souls doesn't want to hold your hand. It doesn't want to be beaten. And it definitely doesn't want to be friends. Don't expect a relaxed le... | Review | 1


Ace Gamez Review: ArmA II

2254 days ago - AG writes: "War is hell. I'll let that sink in. The fact that war is one of the most horrific and terrifying situations that a human being can... | Review | 12


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