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News tutorial

Story Url

All news post must have an online source. Copy and paste the url of the story you want to submit. Remember to always use the url of the original source. You can use the credit url option to give credit to other websites if needed.

Story Title

This should always be the same as the title of the story you link to. It is only ok to edit the title if the original title does not make sense when posted on another website.


Write a short summary of the information at the source story. You can either quote a paragraph of the source text or write a short summary yourself.

The most common way to post a story is to just copy and paste a part of the text you are linking to. Make sure the part of the text you use include the main points of the news story and it must make sense when posted on another site. Usually the text will need little bit of editing before it can be used.

A good example is that the words "We" and "I" in a text must be replaced by the website’s name or you can put the text in quotes.

Adding Image

You can either upload an image from your PC or you can type in the url of an image online. In most cases you can use the same image as the source story. If the source story doesn’t have an image, you can try and use Google Image Search to find an appropriate image. Always use an image that makes sense and that is in some way related to the story.

Story type

It is important that you select the most appropriate Story Type, this will make it easier for other members to find the story and it also decides what the link at the end of your story will read. Here is a quick rundown of what each story type mean.

News Article: Use this for general news articles.
Rumors: Use this for rumors , stories that are not yet confirmed to be true.
Article: Use this for objective and informative journalism that is not considered news.
Opinion Piece: Use this for subjective or speculative journalism. (all media formats).
Interview: Use this when the story is in the form of an interview or Q&A.
Preview: Use this when linking to a preview of a product, like "hands on" or "first look" stories.
Review: Use this for articles that review a product.
Screenshot: Use this when linking to screenshots of (used for video games).
Image: Use this when linking to normal pics/images.
Video: Use this when linking to videos.
Trailer: Use this when linking to games or movie trailers.
Video Cast: Use this when linking to online TV/video shows.
Podcast: Use this when linking to Podcasts or online radio shows.


It is important that you select the most appropriate channels, as this will make it easier for other members to find the story. You can select more than one channel but do not select more than what is appropriate. The channels you select decide which section of the site your story will be visible. It is very important that you only select the channels that are directly related to your story.

Example 1:

Xbox Live Video Marketplace to make $726 Million In a report titled 'Spotlight on Television 2.0 Leaders: Microsoft Corporation' published by Emerging Media Dynamics, Microsoft is estimated to make an astonishing $726 Million from Xbox Live movie and TV revenue by 2011.

Emerging Media Dynamics expects the Xbox Live video download service to grow massively over the next 12 months, with combined revenue of TV shows and movies via Xbox Live touted at $92.25 million in 2007, growing further each year until total sales top the $726 million figure in 2011, it is predicted.

This story should be filed under Xbox 360 and Industry News.

Xbox 360 because it is about the Xbox Live Market Place, and Industry News because it is business related.

Embedding Video

If you wish to embed a video to your story you can click on the Embed Video link (bottom right, above the big Save & Preview button). Here you can paste video code form YouTube or other video sites. The video will show up under your story.

Adding Relations

Here you select what tags are related to your story. The system may sometimes suggest some tags for you that are related your story text that you can add by clicking on the. You may also search for the tags you want to add, or suggest a new tag by clicking the create new link.

Adding Story Images

If you wish to upload images related to your story you can click on the Add Images button before sending to approval. This is optional.

Sending for Approval

If you are all done you can now submit your news story to the pending news area for approval. You can also choose to keep the story in your account and send it for approval later by clicking the "Send for Approval Later" link top right.

You can at anytime jump back and forth through all the steps of the submission process through the right side menu for easy editing. You will not lose any data by doing this as all the forms will remember the data you have entered.

The Approval Process

For a story to go live on the site it must first be approved by the community. The number of approvals needed depends on the number of reports and the time it has been in the pending section. Contributors with a high Trust Rank have more powerful votes, while Normal members can not approve stories as they have not gone through the necessary training to determine if a story meets news posting criterias.

Report and Edit Stories

Pay close attention to the report history of all your stories. When you open your story in the pending news area you will find the Report History to the right. Other members can report errors and faults in your story that will show up in the Report History. To correct your news post click one of the - Fix Now – links . This will let you edit your news post and remove the error reports from the Report History.

You can also report problems with other Contributors news posts by using the Report Story tool. You can choose from a list of the most common errors and add a personal comment to help clarify the problem. You can also vote on reports submitted by other members.

Contributors can only edit their own news posts, while some reports if enough votes are added will become effective automatically.

Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit stories if needed.