While You Wait On Killzone 2

The PS3 has picked up steam but people are still anxiously awaiting some new information on Killzone 2. Sony and Guerrilla have gone underground and back into their labs to perfect what is, no doubt one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. As everybody has seen during the last week, Insomniac unleashed fresh new info on Resistance Fall of Man 2. Great news for shooter fans alike but people need some Killzone info! What should you do in the meantime? Well, here are some suggestions.

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lesferdinand3984d ago

I'd love to get some more KZ2 info. I only played the first one recently (I picked it up cheaply and played it on the PS3) and I enjoyed it very much, though I had all but given up on FPSs.

I hope they keep the game 'realistic' and don't go too much towards the arcade direction of Halo and Unreal Tournament.

Genki3984d ago

It's obvious by the videos that the game has a similar pace to CoD4 with a bit more of a Hollywood flair to it. It seems grounded in realism with a fairly liberal bit of exaggeration tacked on.

I love the way CoD4 plays, it's viscerally satisfying on a level unmatched by anything else out there. In fact, the only game that comes close is F.E.A.R., but only because of the kick-a*s A.I. in the game.

If they can blend their own style with the CoD gameplay and rugged, intelligent, and tough A.I. like F.E.A.R., they've got a sure fire blockbuster on their hands.

Everything but the A.I. looks in place from what I last saw. Hopefully they've been taking notes.

Amnesiac3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

dude, the COD4 campaign sucks...

mighty_douche3984d ago

whaaa??? i thought it was great, and really loved the Sniper level!

oh well, different strokes for different folks.

Amnesiac3984d ago

The Chernobyl mission was cool.

But, of all of the COD campaigns I have played on consoles, this was my least favorite.

COD4 = multiplayer > campaign, IMO of course.

ravinash3984d ago

Amnesiac, is there any game you don't think suck?

Amnesiac3984d ago

I love COD4, I just think the campaign is weak.

Kleptic3984d ago

I somewhat agree with the single player of CoD 4...while the Capt. Price's flashback was one of the most awesome and intense single player experiences I have ever had...there are simply way too many checkpoint blocks that are more frustrating than anything...

you guys know what I am talking the TV station...horde after horde of guys will come at you, and you can kill them all day if you want...or you can simply sprint across the room, find the random door that magically explodes from a scripted grenade toss at it...and you reach a checkpoint, in which the enemy magically stops attacking you...

every CoD game so far has been victim of this...and it really takes me out of it, single player wise...that happens in the single player campaign more times than I will like to admit (even in my beloved sniper level)...

I didn't mind the length at all...and there are some very memorable happenings other than the sniper level (the javelin's at the tanks is quite awesome too)...

but we all know its true...if CoD 4 was the same, yet lacked multiplayer entirely...most of us wouldn't even own it...and I do agree, multiplayer in CoD 4 is the best slower paced fps action on the planet right now...

but KZ2 has the potential be incredible...I agree with the comment above that if its like Fear and COD 4 combined...unstoppable...crazy huge battle scope like CoD 4 with scary good AI...not much better than long as the checkpoint system doesn't have the same type of enemy barriers (where sprinting past the idiots results in them disappearing)...

mikeslemonade3984d ago

UT3 is going to hold me until those games come out. COD4 was a great game for a month and it doesn't have any longevity. And in the mean time we can bash the 360 here on N4G when we're bored :).

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BigKev453984d ago

U have COD4, Halo 3, Orange box, Goldeneye, Doom, & the Burger King games HAHA.

Maddens Raiders3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

to forget about KILLZONE II. I'm not a fair-weathered KILLZONE fan - I've always loved it. I'm a KILLZONE fan through and through.

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Says you3984d ago

seriously people if you think PS3 fans are the worse these guys take the cake I think its safe to say that XBox 360 fans are more hardcore fans of their broken down system and yet he thinks this game will fail and we only seen one level and not yet the multiplayer so how can it fail when we haven't seen anything but one thing??.

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