New Releases for the Week of May 20th - May 26th, 2012

Whether player’s prefer to jump on the back of a beast in order to defeat a menacing monster in Dragon’s Dogma or use Future Soldier‘s Drone Crawler to designate and disarm their targets, this week’s new releases allow death to be administered in a number of unique ways.

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mediastudies1984d ago

I completely forgot Sorcery was coming out.

RaptorMan1984d ago

Ghost Recon could be hard to pass up this week. I'll try to wait for a sale, but I could break.

sharpsword1984d ago

I still need to get Max Payne and Diablo 3.

Nice to see the took the Kinect controls out of Joy Ride. Maybe it will steer correctly now.

CharmingMan1984d ago

The Men in Black or the men in optical camo. Tough choice.

madmad1984d ago

I almost though GR:FS would never come out.

Its been a long time since that E3 2010 video.

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