Sony: In-game XMB shots FAKE

CVG writes:

"Sony has told CVG that yesterday's images of the high-anticipated in-game XMB we're indeed fake.

And so our fears of it being the work of a sad, lonely soul with nothing better to do with their worthless lives than screw with the hearts of others have been realised.

"The XMB images are fake," Sony told us, adding: "There are no firmware updates planned for January."

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Antan3934d ago

Im shocked and hurt.... and ...and and shocked!

Meus Resistance3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

"Im shocked and hurt.... and ...and and shocked!"

How much longer will it take for you Sony fanboys to accept dissapointment as part of your daily routine?

rofldings3934d ago

Wow. What's with this douchebag trying to impersonate almost every PS3 supporter?

gamesR4fun3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

lol we'll I guess well just have to get by with the greatest games ever made and free online that kicks Live's pay for suckage service ;)

Stil pretty sure they are planning to incorporate it with Home and nice has it would be its not a deal breaker for anyone but a ravid fanboi. So we'll get it when we get it if we get it....

Antan3934d ago

"How much longer will it take for you Sony fanboys to accept dissapointment as part of your daily routine?"

Why don`t you ask them? another to add to my ever increasing ignore list.

CH-OutbreaK3933d ago

Not much to be shocked about, they looked very fake. Why are all these "OMG I FOUND X FW/HARDWARE NEWS....LEAK LEAK LEAK" always have blurry ass pics. Also, they are always fake

Antan3933d ago

It appears sarcasm goes over most peoples heads these days.

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predator3934d ago

i must off missed this, what screenshots were there?

rushbd3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I've seen countless English speaking people make the same mistake as you've just made. It's not 'Must off' it's 'Must have'. I know it sounds like that when you are speaking fast. But making these kind of mistakes is silly. There are some more mistakes like this. e.g. writing 'prolly' instead of probably. Silly .

Just thinking out loud......

btw I'm not a English speaker. just a Bangladeshi...

to the phantom disagree shower : you invented your own English ?

InMyOpinion3934d ago

As long as you can understand what he wants to say I don't see the problem. Perhaps you should go masturbate, I don't know...

rushbd3934d ago

Do you masturbate after seeing someone doing a obvious mistake ?

I think I was doing a good to someone. Isn't it better to know it before you get caught-up somewhere that you don't want to be embarrassed ?

And if you are suggesting that he was simply 'saving time' by writing 'off' instead of have; the difference is only a character mate. It doesnt take too long to press one more key.

And the Jenzo, for your sake I hope you are a better person in the outer-net world.

Lumbo3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Grammar nazis and spelling nitpickers are generally frowned upon as it is highly discourteous to reduce once conversation and discussion to the spelling errors or grammar violations instead of the meaning of the criticized content.

In short: you reduced his valid discussion points to just his spelling errors and thereby show an unhealthy amount of arrogance and singlemindedness on the topic at hand.

If you feel the need to bother people because of their spelling errors do so by sending them a PM. But don't waste everybody else's time with pointless contributions like these.

PS: Grammar nazis end up on the ignore list of many participants on pages like this because they do not contribute anything of value but only waste the time of the readers.

on Topic: There where a few "screenshots" attached to a rumor post that claimed a reliable source told them it would be in gamers hands this month. the screenshots where faking a working ingame XMB while playing Resistance:Fall of man

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MaximusPrime3934d ago

i knew it was fake after seeing that image. Why make a fake blurry image?

paul_war3934d ago

Thought as much, why would you be able to edit with the settigs menu in-game?

DolphGB3934d ago coming in 2008 regardless for ALL PS3 titles.

However, developers can already access the XMB if they choose to since the capability is available in the dev kit. Resistance is a good example of XMB access in-game, and it's been out ages. PAIN adds Custom Soundtracks too.

So it's here in some form or another for some titles, and coming soon for all titles.

SeanScythe3934d ago

since when does pain have Custom Soundtracks?

Damphear3934d ago

its in game messaging you want saying you want xmb well only make sony not release it.

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