Why Microsoft Will Never Release a Blu-ray Player Accessory

As a result of the CES jaw dropping announcement that Warner Bros. will be going exclusive to the Blu-ray format, it appears that the new disk format 'stalemate' between HD DVD and Blu-ray has all but ended. Warner Bros. is the current top seller of home movies, and content is always a deciding factor in any format battle.

With that being said, it is our opinion that Microsoft will never release a Blu-ray accessory for the Xbox 360.

Here's why:

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bOOmStiCK3961d ago

Just because they're stubborn. :p

jessupj3961d ago

Agreed, they never like to look like fools, but they still look like fools to me regardless.

I agree with the article though, there's not much point going blu for them atm.

They've screwed their customers by releasing a year early and now they're stuck in a hole and stuck with dvd9. I praise some of the games on there and the developers, but it astounds me when people actually praise microsoft. Granted their online market place is good as well, but I don't see much else. And before you disagree please tell me why.

Maddens Raiders3961d ago

Microsoft has been right on nearly everything this generation: Wi-Fi, HDMI, HD-DVD add-ons, motion-sensing controllers, Back-compatibility, hell Gates even says that the 3fixme is the most reliable console on the planet, and that HD-DVD is the best choice for consumers. But we already knew this: Microsoft knows best! :P

titntin3961d ago

Good article and very valid points. There will not be a blu ray add on for the MS console.
Anyone wishing to have 1080P high qulaity movie playback with uncompressed sound, will either buy a stand alone blu ray box or invest in a PS3 which is cost effective and plays some good games too.

For those not so bothered with issues of quality, the download service for SD and compressed 720P material may suffice in those areas of the world with resonably fast internet and no useage caps.

TheTwelve3961d ago

I actually have to agree with your point and this article. I'm slow to follow what some say "Oh, Microsoft will just make a Blu Ray add-on, no biggie". I think it really is a biggie.


Shadow Man3961d ago

Than I guess I will have to buy a PS3.

Balance3961d ago

well if you think about it by the time blu-ray definitivly wins out it will be very close to time for the next generation of consoles (within a year or two) so why not wait. also MS is pushing digital downloads (which they already have available) so why would put development time into adding on a blu-ray drive. the HD-dvd drive was probably in the planning not long after the get go. i can see why they wouldn't make one, the business argument just isn't strong enough however in the next round of consoles that is a different story.

GlossGreen3961d ago

design a Blu-ray player for themselves. All they have to, and most likely will do, is get a current manufacturer to do if for them. Kinda like what Sony is doing with having someone else build their PS3 chips. Ends up being cheaper that way.

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The story is too old to be commented.