The 13 Greatest Zombie Games

Bagogames: Well it's 2012 folks! Providing those damn Mayans weren't the precursor to internet trolls this year could damn well be our last. How? Who knows, but here is 13 reasons why you should have your Anti Zombie Kits fully stashed and at the ready!

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aDDicteD2320d ago

nice list, but i prefer the original resident evil at first cause mainly it's the first zombie game that pushed the zombies to new height's on videogames as well as the remake version of it was really awesome

ATi_Elite2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

1. Dead Space to me were more of MONSTERS than Zombies but most may disagree

2. Arma II mod DAY Z currently beats every game on the list except maybe Left4Dead!!

I suggest you get a Gaming PC, Arma II Joint Operations from Steam, then download the free Mod Day Z cause it's the NEW Hotness right now!!

Just prepare yourself for swarms of Zombies, limited supplies, idiot humans trying to kill you (for your supplies) and PERMA-DEATH which makes this title true survival horror across the largest Zombie infested map in gaming!

raiden-492320d ago

I wouldn't class Day Z as a full game yet...
But when its done out it will destroy all of em!!

WillGuitarGuy2320d ago

Nice job putting Dead Island on the list. Most people wouldn't have, but I personally loved that game.

kostchtchie_2320d ago

indeed that game should be on there, great game and the co-op is brilliant

manlypile2317d ago

Any game where the zombies can't ride motorcycles or wield handguns is OK in my book