Age of Conan @ CES 2008: Gameplay and Interview Videos - 3 videos:

• Direct Feed Gameplay: "By Crow! Slice and dice, level up and let loose your inner barbarian." (January 11, 2008)

• Combat and Quests Interview: "A combo fatality move means you get to choose exactly how you want your opponents to die." (January 11, 2008)

• Siege and Pets Interview: "Mount up and get ready for a siege with a look at the different modes and pets in the game." (January 9, 2008) - *Contains Nudity*

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Jinxstar3986d ago

i can't wait. I love MMO's and have always been a huge Conan fan.

poos33986d ago

Another 360 exclsuive MMO coming out this year

Jinxstar3986d ago

Dude its on PC... what the hell are you talking about exclusive.

QUNE3986d ago

I got burned with Vanguard, I hope this isn't the same. I'd really like to find another MMO to play besides EQ2.

Supermax3986d ago

cant wait for the 360 version lookin foward to it.