Always Online: What Diablo 3's Does Wrong

"That's what we're up against here. We're being bullied into accepting a future where we don't actually want to buy the things that we're buying, because there is no other way to experience this phenomenal entertainment medium that we've all come to hold so dear unless we do so on terms that we find unacceptable."

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Somebody2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

"...customers should feel that they want to buy it."

So true.

I went to the city which was two hours from my town to get The Witcher 2 after I heard they ditched SecureRom in the second patch.I'm willing to give Ghost Recon Future Soldier a try when I heard they are ditching their old atrocious DRM.

I ignored Diablo 3 and STALKER 2 after they announced their permanent online connection DRM.

admiralthrawn872200d ago

I played witcher 2 it was awesome. Too bad you let something like internet stop you from playing an amazing game. Seems like you're on the internet right now talking about it, could be playing it.

mananimal2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Point is Mr. Sheeple, YOU dont own the Internet do you? nope, so then you really have NO CONTROL when it goes down for a "mire" of different reasons. WHEN not IF this happens YOU cant play your game, simple. Most people DONT LIKE the idea of "in a sense" being TOLD when they CAN or CANT play a game that they PAID FOR . This is commonsense, not difficult at all to UNDERSTAND. I dont believe that YOU DIDNT UNDERSTAND the "Concept", I just think that you are another "classic/passive/compromi sing" & "short-sighted sheeple, that would rather go along to get along as long you can play your GAME. detestable you are I would say, mentally weak & bent over without vasline kinda a Human. , an "unpaid" shill with a yellow strip running down your back side......when the zombie apocalyspe starts, you`ll be 1 of the 1st victims compromiser, lol.

Somebody2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I was playing Batman Arkham City a month ago. Suddenly, while I was zipping across high above the city/prison, a tiny reminder popped out at the corner of the screen with the cutest little sound. Apparently my internet went down and GFWL was disconnected from LIVE. I didn't even know I had logged on to LIVE.

No worry. I was still able to play the game for the next several hours, terrorizing the hell out Arkham City's inmates. My achievements were stored offline and once the internet was restored, my account have been updated with the puzzles and challenges that I've unlocked. Smooth, convenient and painless.

The best thing is that I'm playing an exclusively singleplayer game WITHOUT lag.

So tell, me...can Diablo 3 do those things?

shackdaddy2200d ago

It's not bad at all if you have stable internet. I can see it being really annoying for some other people though....

ChrisW2200d ago

What does wrong is they ALWAYS underestimate the load on the servers. Happened with every WoW expansion and with StarCraft2. Seriously! You'd think they would have learned by now!!!