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"Video Games are a form of art and as such they need a soundtrack which portrays the style of gameplay, in this list I’ve compiled my Top 5 Rockin’ soundtracks in video games (rock/metal.)" - Excerpt from the article.

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darthv722282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

but my list differs a bit. No particular order except of what came to mind.

Streets of rage series
Thunder Force series
Dracula-X (pc engine ver)
After burner III (sega cd)
Batman (sega cd)
Gates of thunder (turbo cd)

darthv722282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

double post (damn back button)

Razor7922282d ago

I was toying between Duke3d and Doom and apart from Grabbag, I don't think Duke3d really has any memorable music.

STK0262282d ago

While I still can't believe Duke 3D is missing (and no fact or argument, despite how valid they are, will change my nostalgia-filled mind), it's a pretty good list. Good job.

darthv722282d ago

Duke when piped through an AWE32 was pure musical bliss.

Another game with good AWE music was shadow warrior: the adv of lo wang.

Back then, if you had an AWE32 you were the shiz.