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Is it Dark Souls meets Skyrim? Read our Dragon’s Dogma PS3 review to find out.

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sandman2242286d ago

I played the demo and it's ok. Id rather buy dark souls. I beat demon souls and love that game. It's tough but once you understand how to play it there's nothing more rewarding. I still need to try skyrim out.

Captain Qwark 92286d ago

demon souls = amazing
dark souls = amazing
skyrim = skip it. your better off playing morrowind if you need to get your elder scrolls on

TopDudeMan2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

All I'll say is they're two different games.

If you want good combat, go with dark souls.
If you want good story, go with skyrim.

But dragons dogma seems to have both of those down from what I can tell. Maybe it'll be a happy in between.

sandman2242286d ago

Im convinced. I'm going to buy dark souls today. And to topdudeman you are right about the combat for dark souls. That's why it's such a great game, and let's not forget about the boss fights. There's nothing like taking down a big monster.

Baka-akaB2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

"If you want good story, go with skyrim."

uh ? Not sure i follow . Skyrim is more like if you want to explore the land and have your own adventures .

Skyrim doesnt even have more story than both DS games .

And dogm is just its own beast , an action adventure games with tons of rpg elements and chunks of monster hunter .

TopDudeMan2286d ago

lol, sandman, if you liked demon's souls, I dunno why you even hesitated on buying dark souls.

WeskerChildReborned2286d ago

Skyrim is pretty good and has kept my busy for a few weeks.

vikingland12286d ago

I liked the Demo and thought it showed the games potential. I wouldn't compare it to anything on the market. I think it is it's own type of game with the pawn system.

Blitz0012286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Can't wait to release my magic archer :)

kostchtchie_2286d ago

loved the demo, day one, also the way you can let other online players use your npc helpers seem really cool idea

DigitalAnalog2286d ago

The problem with the demo is that you're completely overpowered. There's no sense of achievement when defeating the bosses. All it did was introduce the mechanics into the game. I'm pretty sure it would've been a lot better if we were to start from scratch all the way up. The review scores seem to be consistent with being great so it's a safe buy.

yuval1522286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I think it's balanced because if you see the capcom livestream on youtube you can see that bosses are very common,and making them too overpowered is unbalanced(especially for people who just started playing).

And in demos you're supposed to be overpowered.

DigitalAnalog2285d ago

"And in demos you're supposed to be overpowered."

What? A demo is supposed to be "representative" of a small portion of game, if you notice the huge disconnect between player's hands-on and reviews, there is a big difference within both experience. Case-in-point: Spec-ops: The Line demo. It's pretty much the sample of what the game is all about that includes deaths, I don't feel any "overpowering" advantage about it. Again, had DD properly introduced the game to what it is then maybe our hands-on approach would be more in line with the reviews that are coming out.

This game had 2 chapters, a prologue and some other level. The first one had you at LVL.30 and you're telling me THAT is the experience of someone who's going to start off that powerful? Imagine Dead Space Demo with ALL the weapons at max grade - wouldn't exactly have a proper bearing to what the game is about, right?

RedDead2285d ago

It's unfortunate that in the demo you were way overpowered, it nearly turned me off the game before I found out...Yes you are horribly overpowered in the demo. Some Devs think that 'difficult' turn off alot of people so they make sure the demos are not hard.

This game is supposed to be very difficult though. Wanna take a risk in this game? It's a big risk, you'll likely come across something you can't handle.