Call Of Duty Devs Planned 'Halo Beater', Took It To EA - Activision

NowGamer: Activision alleges that Infinity Ward's former bosses planned a science-fiction shooter to rival Halo and is now developing the idea at Respawn Entertainment.

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Hufandpuf2251d ago

I'm willing to bet that Respawn's game is in fact a futuristic game.

WeskerChildReborned2250d ago

From the blurred screenshot, it looked a bit futuristic.

Amazingmrbrock2250d ago

They probably had to switch companies because activision kept telling them they couldn't make the game they wanted to make.

TekoIie2250d ago

Based on their game developing history , I bet it's a shooter -_-

Hufandpuf2250d ago

Based on their history, I bet it has projectiles.

vallencer2250d ago

Based on their history, I bet it has dlc.

DoctorXpro2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Based on their history, One man army

lociefer2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

based on their history, there's a jump button

razrye2250d ago

Based on their developing history we are going to be ripped off

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Anon19742250d ago

The Call Of Duty devs already made a "Halo Beater"
It was called Call of Duty.

TheRealHeisenberg2250d ago

LMAO, surely you can do better than that.

NewZealander2250d ago

thats the funniest thing Ive ever heard...thanks for the lolz

razrye2250d ago

I agree with darkride. COD has beaten halo in every way. No am not a fan boy

BlackPrince 422250d ago

Doesn't matter. If it had been a modern warfare style game they'd be suing for that too.

That's the BS about intellectual property law. A company can own the ideas of people who work for them. Then when those people leave the company can sue, saying that those ideas belong to the company.

But how do you prove when someone has been thinking about something? And how do you prove or disprove whether or not those thoughts belong to the individual or the company?

That's why none of this will go to court, they'll settle out of court because there's no answer to this crap.

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RSEagle2250d ago

Changes my perspective on the Activision-Respawn feud a little bit.

GraveLord2250d ago

Vince and Zampella aren't as innocent as they would have you believe.

Activision isn't as evil as trolls would have you believe.

I can't wait to see what the judge decides. Both seem to be guilty of something. The question is, who has the most proof?

Gamer-Z2250d ago

Seriously do you work for Activision or something or are you just that big of a fanboy.

user54670072250d ago

"Activision isn't as evil as trolls would have you believe."

So the majority of gamers are trolls then

Activision are a bad company....they earned that reputation, they wern't just given it by hateful "trolls" for no reason

Prince_Dim-Lu2250d ago

Agree with GraveLord.

Funny to see the kids so fast to jump, on the cool thing to do, and hate a publisher.

These guys broke rules/contract stuff, and did something shady. I too can't wait for the full truth to come out. Activision wouldn't be going through all this troubles, if nothing was up.

Let the disagrees flow. This is a kids site it seems.

FlashXIII2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

You know the Respawn guys probably aren't as innocent as some people believe but lets be honest if they had taken their sci fi shooter idea to Activision straight after MW2 sales, does anyone here actually believe they'd be interested? Not like EA are much better these days but if I had something I was excited about making, I'd rather do it with EA than Activision.

I think what it boils down to is if the Respawn guys breached their contract by contacting EA. Even then, I think Activision got cocky/arrogant over the ordeal and should probably have tried negotiating with Vince and Zampella instead of sacking them. At the end of the day, Activision are the ones who have lost the most regardless of the court ruling by losing their most talented developers.

GamingPerson2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Cod being the biggest money maker of all time and not offering dedicated servers & bad hit ditection is evil & shows no respect for the fans who deserve better!

PS-Analog2250d ago

Gravelord could be right but I don't like Activision because they were the first company to push up the rrp of games to £55. Also they pushed over priced DLC onto gamers and it's seems like there company is purely focused on trying to find ways to squeeze every penny out of gamers.

The Vince and Zampella case theres is a lot we don't know about.

NeoTribe2250d ago

Mikecosgrove, where do u get the majority of gamers are trolls, when the majority of gamers are playing cod. A small number of peeps on n4g bitch about cod while the masses love and buy it every year. I don't like cod but u got that backwards.

vallencer2250d ago

Activision might be a bleh company but on a side note, they still don't do online passes like pretty much everyone else does.

gatormatt802250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Guys the case you're referring to is West and Zampella. Jason West and Vince Zampella. Not Vince and Zampella. See what you did GraveLord...

PS-Analog, interesting abt the £55 game. I wonder what the first $60 game was this console generation in the U.S. ??? It was an Xbox 360 game, so do we blame MS for the $60 game or was it the publisher. And if I remember right most of the new 360 games were $60, so is it possible there was some price fixing going on between the publishers??

aviator1892250d ago

You know, you are always defending Activision and the CoD franchise as if you're life depended on it.

orange-skittle2250d ago

Are you an idiot or do you really believe what you speak? The industry sets the price, NOT MICROSOFT. How can MS make an entire industry charge $60 a game? Game prices increased when this generation began and MS led out the gate with the 360 in 2005. The price increase was already announced when the next generation of gaming started. When technology is amped up, so is the cost of making those games you like to play. Why do you think Nintendo wii games aren't $60? Every now and then a developer can squeak out a $50 game, but 9/10 times it isn't qulaity and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a $60 title. Recently, Sniper Elite v2 is worth the $50 price tag. SP lacks features just like MP, but the game itself is very solid for a $50 purchase. Stop being a damn MS hater. They haven't done anything Sony hasn't done this generation. Last time I checked, they have been trying to further the industry as a whole. I can't tell you how many older people have bought 360's because of Kinect and XBL Apps. I have people at work that have canceled cable just for Netflix, Crackle, and Hulu Plus. I know you're going to say "PSN has Hulu and Netflix too," but guess who started it all and pushed the envelope even deeper. I am no fanboy, but I give credit to where it's due.

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Nac2250d ago

"Halo Beater?" Why? Call of Duty sells more than Halo anyway(and I love Halo.) Why must it be "beaten?"

WeskerChildReborned2250d ago

Probably so Activision can boost their ego.

Downtown boogey2250d ago

Even though Halo and CoD largely share their audiences, they wanted to take over that market, too, so that when a guy would buy a Halo and a CoD for his FPS fix, he'd skip Halo in favor of their new franchise.

ChunkyLover532250d ago

Halo and COD don't share the same audience at all. You might come across someone who will buy and play both, but Halo takes a lot of practice and skill to be even remotely decent, while COD is a typical fast paced twitch shooter. It doesn't take a tremendous amount of skill to be good at a COD game.

I like both and will be buying both, but I'll have to spend a lot more time with Halo 4 to be decent at it. I'll hop on COD and keep at least a 2.0 K/D/R just like I do with every other COD game.

andibandit2250d ago


"You --->MIGHT<--- come across someone who will buy and play both"

yeah your whole post just fell to the ground with that one word, theres ALOT of people who play both.

crzyjackbauer2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

cmon really?
u think a game developer is going to try to make something like Halo
when they have a franchise thats rolling in millions every year?
sounds stupid to me
that kind of developer doesn't exist anymore
you get rich or die trying
in this gen if your game flops then thats the end
why in the world would they want to do another franchise?

DasTier2250d ago

Halo & COD ARE different types of games, Halo = sandbox FPS which is far superior to the point and click adventures of COD.

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orange-skittle2250d ago

Halo sells insane numbers on a 360. If Halo was a multiplatform game, CoD numbers would rival it. You have to understand that Halo has become a movement now. Its followers are like Star Wars or Star Trek fans. When they say Halo at any conference..people listen and watch. Call of Duty has become an annual installment. Do you think if CoD was on one console it would put up Halo numbers? That's what you have to ask yourself. That's why EXCLUSIVITY sucks. I am sure 360 fans would love to play UNCHARTED and GOD of WAR just as much as PS3 fans would love to try HALO and GEARS of WAR. Who's winning? I can surely tell you who's losing

AngelicIceDiamond2250d ago

Respawns creating a game that rivals Halo? Take a ticket and wait at the back of the line where countless devs thinks there game can beat halo.

crzyjackbauer2250d ago

we have heard "halo killer" before
cough *killzone devs* cough

Dark_Overlord2250d ago

Never once did the devs refer to it as a Halo killer, that was the media :/

RedDead2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

PS magazine quoted Killzone devs saying it.

+ Cod4 came in a swooped the prize.

Dark_Overlord2250d ago


If you're referring to a 2004 Issue of OPM (The issue was wrapped in plastic with the words Halo Killer on) in the United States, then as I said it was the magazine that said that, not the Devs.

However, if you can show me the line from any magazine where the Devs say it, I will happily admit I am wrong.

honkyjesus2250d ago

They did it with COD4. At this point Halo wants to be a COD killer. Look at the Live charts and where the latest Halo game stacks up against most COD titles from the past few years.

That being said, they are both just pop franchises.

artdafoo2250d ago

Those who can, create, those who cant, talk about those who can

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